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the optimistic mood of the sixties
hopeful and confident about the future.
translation of 'optimistic'
आशावाद संबंधी,
श्रेष्ठतावाद संबंधी
But David Shenk is not so 'optimistic' that collectively our culture can slow down.
I'm 'optimistic' that the future is going to turn out more successful than the past.
Sissoko's estimate of a two-hour walk turns out to be absurdly 'optimistic' .
Mr Grant is 'optimistic' that building works will begin at this location early next year.
It is clear that my estimate for successfully overcoming the process problems was far too 'optimistic' .
He was 'optimistic' that the latest book would sell well judging by the sales of his last two books.
I'm 'optimistic' that both those dates will be met and that we'll continue to move forward.
She admires her own daughter-in-law for opting not to work, and is 'optimistic' that more women may follow Dr Laura's lead.
After that he is 'optimistic' that the US and UK economies will pick up.
George may very well have been justified in his 'optimistic' estimate.
I am guardedly 'optimistic' that the president will nominate a strong conservative.
I wouldn't say I necessarily knew it was going to come but I was certainly 'optimistic' that we could achieve something.
European authorities view these estimates as being far too 'optimistic' and want further belt tightening.
An 'optimistic' estimate would probably be a couple of hundred pounds.
Rajinder is 'optimistic' that India will gets its act together in Athens.
Rooke is 'optimistic' that that kind of curiosity will result in people leaving the auction with a piece of fine art in their arms.
I still think the government will win, though perhaps my estimate of a majority above 20 is on the 'optimistic' side.
Nosko is 'optimistic' that retail sales will experience an upsurge in the near future.
Mentors encourage change by making others feel hopeful and 'optimistic' about the future.
Unfortunately, my pharmacist is having trouble tracking this down, and I am not 'optimistic' that he will succeed.
Bradfordians need to be more positive and 'optimistic' about the future.
He was 'optimistic' that the nation would reap medals at the event due to the massive talent and experience in the junior squad.
Many experts are cautiously 'optimistic' that things will improve by the end of the year, although it could be a rollercoaster ride.
He appears to be 'optimistic' that stronger legislation can be enacted elsewhere.
The most 'optimistic' estimates predict less than half this number will actually turn out.
Most people are not very 'optimistic' that they can come to that kind of consensus.
Unfortunately, her assessment may be more 'optimistic' than accurate.
He remains 'optimistic' that the players will perform better than they did last year.
In the United States there have been several reasons of late to look to the future more 'optimistically' .
Rather 'optimistically' , I tested the pump and filter combination on a weekend trip to British Columbia, where it worked perfectly.
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