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outsourcing components from other countries
obtain (goods or a service) from an outside or foreign supplier, especially in place of an internal source.
Quite apart from anything else they 'outsource' the work to the private agencies anyway.
The opportunity exists for the fund to 'outsource' the administration services.
The unions imposed the bans after the company refused to guarantee they would not 'outsource' work.
The opportunity here is to 'outsource' engineering services in areas not core to them.
Companies that want to 'outsource' hosting services can no longer assume a provider's financial stability.
A lot of companies 'outsource' their programming work into developing countries.
As long as they can 'outsource' the work to you, they don't think it's their problem.
Last month, the legislature passed a measure that suspended plans to 'outsource' public health services to private providers.
An ageing population means employers will have to 'outsource' project work and employ older people.
This reduces risk, and can form the basis of an informed decision to 'outsource' all IT services at some future stage.
That doesn't mean we wouldn't 'outsource' certain services and aspects of our business.
The 48 workers were sacked as part of a long running campaign by HDC to 'outsource' their work to contractors.
you may choose to 'outsource' this function to another company or do it yourself
The workers were protesting management's decision to 'outsource' some work, despite requests by the employees not to do so.
To lower labor and environmental costs, major companies in the West 'outsource' manufacturing work to developing countries.
you may choose to 'outsource' this function to another company or do it yourself
Another benefit of using the state pattern is that it becomes very easy to sub-divide or even 'outsource' work.
It will 'outsource' customer service and claims handling and will use the internet to market itself.
They're extremely successful and there's no cause to 'outsource' work.
The plans to 'outsource' the work were announced to unions last week after a one-night trial with reduced cleaning staff last month.
There's another compelling reason for marketers and agencies to 'outsource' this type of service, Park adds.
Sometimes it may be better to 'outsource' this service using a maintenance contract.
They were opposing state government moves to close the press and 'outsource' printing services.
You could 'outsource' the work, but you don't know anyone who can do it, and you don't want to alert your competitors.
It 'outsources' the initial work, which involves spinning and weaving the various fibers used in production.
Sewing is 'outsourced' to local contractors, which generally turn the jobs within five days.
Additionally, some of the Cotton Park goods are 'outsourced' to three local subcontractors.
Printer management services can be 'outsourced' to keep control of devices and their use.
Two years ago, the state awarded a $280 million contract to Convergys, which freely admits it 'outsources' work to India.
Last year the Housing Department was corporatised and a number of its services were 'outsourced' to private enterprise.
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Global games developers making a beeline to outsource to India (Tech Trend)
Global games developers making a beeline to outsource to India (Tech Trend) (Lead, fixing dateline)
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