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he has been outspoken in his criticism
frank in stating one's opinions, especially if they are critical or controversial.
translation of 'outspoken'
प्रकट किया हुआ,
The government, wary of being so 'outspoken' , is nevertheless hurling brains and billions at the problem.
The press do not know what to make of these 'outspoken' , confident fanatics.
Such commentators have rarely been so 'outspoken' about men who take golfing holidays or work away from home.
Much of what he wrote was so 'outspoken' that it was bequeathed to museums under a 50-year embargo.
His 'outspoken' nature landed him a seat on the board and in 1995 he was elected as president.
The agenda is full to bursting with some of the world's most 'outspoken' activists.
His 'outspoken' views and caustic attitude were guaranteed to make enemies.
It frequently deals with issues of race, and is often 'outspoken' and controversial.
Occasionally he even forgets he is supposed to be promoting his next television drama and becomes 'outspoken' .
As someone who is forthright and 'outspoken' he is a prominent figure to the people of the town.
An 'outspoken' fire union boss has got round a gagging order by turning to the power of the written word.
Her 'outspoken' nature made her a socially active person, taking part in several campaigns.
Like me, you've got a bit of a reputation for being 'outspoken' on the subject of human rights, haven't you?
He is still as 'outspoken' as ever and although he defends public radio he is highly critical of television.
They still believe it, but they're not so 'outspoken' and extreme in what they think.
He is a controversial and 'outspoken' defender of the operatic form, and a passionate advocate of opera in English.
You don't have to be 'outspoken' because you're getting the results you want anyway.
We need to be more vigilant and more 'outspoken' about these matters.
Initially, BBC bosses had said the 'outspoken' builder's return would be good television.
She spent her entire life being 'outspoken' , passionate, opinionated and difficult.
And for a politician so 'outspokenly' liberal, he is a blunt political realist who knows how to play the game.
Do you think 'outspokenly' progressive people are held to a standard that's not expected of others?
About 100 people filled the German Theater and, in between viewing sessions, discussed the works more openly and 'outspokenly' than a Western audience would have.
And he's paid dearly for his 'outspokenness' , resulting in numerous attests and detentions under the country's past military juntas.
He says he has lost friends, had his house ransacked, had his taxes audited and been publicly vilified for his 'outspokenness' .
His 'outspokenness' in political matters forced his career into a temporary lull, but also won him increased standing within the army.
And he was English in his forthright 'outspokenness' - ‘liberty is telling people what they do not want to hear’.
Never before, except for a short period between 1947 and 1953, had an 'outspokenly' anti-political movement acquired such a significant electoral success.
He says he didn't start out that way, but he's become 'outspokenly' anti-war.
Such 'outspokenness' is unusual in diplomatic circles, particularly at such a sensitive time.
Rajkumar Hirani named in #MeToo: Industry largely silent, outspoken few disturbed
There are outspoken people in Bollywood: Rhea Kapoor
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