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छाया में रखना
an enormous oak tree stood overshadowing the cottage
tower above and cast a shadow over.
his competitive nature often overshadows the other qualities
appear much more prominent or important than.
translation of 'overshadow'
साया करना
छाया में रखना,
रक्षा देना,
छाया डालना
Once again, however, while it is a strong female with both feminine and masculinized qualities who has saved the day, there is no strong male partner present to 'overshadow' her.
Their proactive constituencies espouse approaches that their opponents claim 'overshadow' more important issues.
There is an inevitable sense of foreboding and personal betrayal that seem to 'overshadow' any story told in this genre.
It was inevitable that the tragedy would 'overshadow' the rout.
In later Buddhist folklore and thought these sentiments grew so prominent as to 'overshadow' even the premier value of liberation.
Routine modernization and the recapitalization of legacy systems appear to 'overshadow' programs that could yield disruptive innovation.
But too often, experts say, economic issues 'overshadow' important emotional considerations.
These stories tend to 'overshadow' the way Lottery grants have made a real difference to countless grassroots organisations.
Social values and the promotion of a positive self image are at the forefront and for some, 'overshadow' mere competition.
The warning is against allowing the aftermath of instantaneous tragedy to 'overshadow' the various ongoing crises that are ignored because the effects are stretched over time.
Why then does his plight 'overshadow' the tender story of the prince?
Investor gloom may well 'overshadow' improving economic fundamentals through the summer.
People living near the site fear the development will 'overshadow' their homes, increase noise and traffic and lead to a loss of privacy.
And his parents always caught him at the wrong times - and then there was always Quasim to 'overshadow' him and make everything worse.
it is easy to let this feeling of tragedy 'overshadow' his story
Indeed, certain aspects, such as the important provider role, may 'overshadow' the progressive and egalitarian ideals and behaviors that are becoming so prevalent.
He said the scheme was pitched below the height of Victorian Behrens Warehouse standing opposite and would not 'overshadow' it.
it is easy to let this feeling of tragedy 'overshadow' his story
The court hopes that this film's quality will eventually 'overshadow' its bizarre notoriety.
But it was not intended to stand apart from his scientific work, let alone 'overshadow' it.
And, of course, what President would want to appoint his predecessor, a man of great charm and pizzaz, to a position where he might actually 'overshadow' the new President.
Possibly because of this tragedy rightly 'overshadowing' all other aspects, little has been heard of the monetary cost of this misbegotten adventure.
These stories are 'overshadowed' , though, by the disappointment and bitterness that lingers after frustrating political battles.
Simon and Christine stood still, 'overshadowed' by the two large statues.
He said many areas had serious underlying problems which were 'overshadowing' significant improvements being made to health services.
I noticed that the garden was completely 'overshadowed' by the woods looming above.
The bridegroom 'overshadowed' the bride in almost every way: he was the one looking like an oversized Jaffa, decked out in a bright orange suite with a gay, orange floral tie.
There is, however, a danger of the high quality of the music 'overshadowing' the script.
Heroes are all well and good, but only when they're already dead, and you don't have to deal with them 'overshadowing' you.
However, this victory for state lawmakers is being 'overshadowed' by persistent stories of voter confusion over which way to vote.
Didn't feel overshadowed by Aishwarya, Randeep: Darshan Kumar
Uri overshadows BJP's Gareeb Kalyan agenda at National Council meet
'Lion': Little Sunny completely overshadows Dev Patel (Review)
'Lion': little Sunny completely overshadows Dev Patel in 'Lion' (Movie Review, Rating: ****)
Tiger's efforts in acting overshadowed by his dance, action: Sabbir Khan
'Fukrey Returns' won't be overshadowed: Producer
Caste overshadows religion in Somnath assembly constituency
Neymar injury overshadows Brazil's victory against Cameroon
Rahul's 'thrust and hug' strategy overshadows ailing Parrikar's return to assembly
Polls overshadow 'Ugadi' celebrations in Telugu states
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