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he said his failure to pay for the tickets was an oversight
an unintentional failure to notice or do something.
effective oversight of the financial reporting process
the action of overseeing something.
translation of 'oversight'
effective 'oversight' of the financial reporting process
effective 'oversight' of the financial reporting process
The camp had no license and was subject to no government 'oversight' .
The need was not for more case management, but for 'oversight' of existing agencies.
Telephony is an issue that brings a whole new arena of regulation and 'oversight' .
This postal system is subject to political 'oversight' and democratic direction.
Moreover, any developments would be exempt from normal regulatory 'oversight' .
was the mistake due to 'oversight'?
No other state agency exercises effective 'oversight' over army expenditures.
All of which proves that the financial-services industry is one that requires shrewd and tough regulatory 'oversight' .
For example, finance ministers and central banks have a new agreement on financial 'oversight' .
he said his failure to pay for the tickets was an 'oversight'
Nor does it seem like these folks felt they had a lot to fear from 'oversight' from superiors.
Governmental 'oversight' of the private operation has been regularly criticised as inadequate.
All I care about are the improvements in governance and 'oversight' that are taking place.
There is also the legal and regulatory 'oversight' of the industry, which is extensive.
The legislator had mentioned he was in charge of the committee that handles 'oversight' .
This lack of regulatory 'oversight' can affect both international and domestic confidence in our market.
Emphasis will be placed on actions to reduce the need or burden of Government 'oversight' .
This requires strong international 'oversight' and supervision of any Iraqi tribunal.
The lax regulatory 'oversight' and risk management are now being reborn as bad loans.
It will also exercise an independent day to day 'oversight' of police operating standards.
The obvious solution is direct government 'oversight' in the form of industry regulations.
Effective 'oversight' of any nonprofit organization rests with its board of directors.
was the mistake due to 'oversight'?
he had simply missed Parsons out by an 'oversight'
Mistakes and 'oversights' are a daily risk for all doctors and I am no exception.
However, it is recommended to use the longer form in order to avoid any 'oversights' or confusion arising.
Some overpayments result from 'oversights' by claimants who may be in desperate circumstances and the council stresses there is a very lengthy process involving letters and telephone calls before the final demand.
Justice officials say the prosecutor's work was filled with a pattern of mistakes and 'oversights' .
Call drop penalty waived, government assures quality oversight (Roundup)
First meeting of Nepal-India oversight mechanism held
SC nod for five eminent doctors on MCI oversight committee
Facebook wants your views on content oversight board
Facebook outlines global feedback for content oversight board
Facebook outlines ideas about outside oversight board
Ministry to form oversight mechanism for NBFC asset buy scheme
Facebook commits $130mn to build Global Oversight Board
Govt may clear CVC oversight before share sale in IDBI Bank
Zoom misled world with 300-million users claim, corrects 'oversight'
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