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the water flowed through to overwhelm the whole dam and the village beneath
bury or drown beneath a huge mass.
he was elected president by an overwhelming majority
very great in amount.
translation of 'overwhelming'
जो रोक न सके,
कुचल डालने वाला,
दबाने वाला
I stood motionless and my tears started flow, because I felt no fear at all, just an 'overwhelming' feeling of disbelief, and then admiration and love.
An 'overwhelming' sadness began to grip her heart.
It commands an 'overwhelming' majority of support in the media, the arts, the universities and the public service.
Due to the 'overwhelming' amount of strategic and tactical ideas in chess, students of the game buy dozens of chess books but still find it impossible to isolate the key points.
An unpleasant emotional and physical state of 'overwhelming' apprehension and fear. anxiety disorders.
Polls indicate an 'overwhelming' majority of Americans support it.
That makes for an 'overwhelming' amount of sleep deprivation!
Even though I've been looking after the house, our daughter and a few chores, the last week gripped me with an 'overwhelming' feeling of uselessness.
Due to the 'overwhelming' amount of attention her parents, and countless others, still paid her, she didn't really value this highly.
The support and security systems of the welfare state included the 'overwhelming' majority of the citizens.
In the past few weeks there has been an 'overwhelming' amount of information and, in turn, misinformation clouding the headlines.
Along with their 'overwhelming' fear comes a very strong and rigid denial system that is hard to break down.
The 'overwhelming' majority of people in Ireland fully support this process.
The 'overwhelming' majority of voters supported their calls for reform and the end of scandalous political behavior.
But in reality there's an 'overwhelming' amount of evidence that proves otherwise.
Brigg's voice began to crack with emotions, mixed feelings of lingering sorrow and 'overwhelming' anger and confusion.
They reveal that grief, fear and shock were often the 'overwhelming' emotions.
Second, the government must unite behind this policy, which is supported by the 'overwhelming' majority of the nation.
They must overcome this conditioning in the face of the 'overwhelming' evidence now supporting their use, write two American cardiologists.
The emotion he felt as he watched the game was of 'overwhelming' relief.
She also wants to use the opportunity to pay tribute to the people in Swindon who have shown her family an 'overwhelming' amount of support since his death.
Feelings of 'overwhelming' sadness or fear, or the inability to feel emotion are common in such people.
I have an 'overwhelming' amount of useless trivia stored in my head… Which explains how I can remember so many movies quotes and such.
Maggie, who had been feeling an emotion of 'overwhelming' wonder, now felt panic rise in her throat because of the man was coming into the building.
But his 'overwhelming' emotion was relief rather than disappointment.
One recent poll suggests an 'overwhelming' majority of the public supports the ban, but congressional leaders say they have no plan to bring it up for renewal.
My 'overwhelming' emotion was nostalgia, oddly enough; nostalgia for the peculiar cultural nexus that this movie represented.
Maybe the water could help wash away the 'overwhelming' emotions she was feeling and help her think clearly.
His hidden eyes bored into the young man's head and that 'overwhelming' terror gripped him again.
There's enormous and 'overwhelming' support for her at this time.
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