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The President shall appoint a parliamentarian to provide parliamentary opinion during meetings of the Advisory Councils and the annual business meeting of the Association.
a member of a parliament, especially one well versed in parliamentary procedure and experienced in debate.
England was soon engaged in a civil war between the parliamentarians and the royalists.
a supporter of Parliament in the English Civil War; a Roundhead.
parliamentarian committees
of or relating to Parliament or its members.
Gadbury, conversely, rejected his early parliamentarian sympathies, became an ardent royalist, and flourished after the Restoration of 1660.
of or relating to the Roundheads.
translation of 'parliamentarian'
पार्लियामेन्ट के वादविवाद मे कुशल व्यक्ति
पार्लमेंट का,
धारा-सभा का,
संसद का
A demoralized royalist party licked its wounds and tried to pay off its debts; a dejected majority of the old 'parliamentarian' party grudgingly did what they were told but little more.
Local bills come before Parliament only if a 'parliamentarian' is willing to sponsor them.
Medals were worn in the 17th century by both Dutch and Swedish troops engaged in the Thirty Years War, and British 'parliamentarian' troops who fought at Dunbar in 1650 were awarded a medal for that event.
Others holding more 'parliamentarian' sentiments tended to invert this royalist formulation.
All the social improvements in Britain did take place through a 'parliamentarian' system, they did take place gradually, and they had an awful lot to do with local politics in which he was very prominent.
Knollys was a prominent courtier and 'parliamentarian' during Elizabeth I's reign.
As late as the end of the 1920's the word ‘totalitarian’ was used to designate any state which was governed in an authoritarian rather than a 'parliamentarian' manner.
There is full political, 'parliamentarian' and public consensus on EU and NATO membership in Bulgaria, Purvanov said.
As he lay dying, he suddenly realised to his horror that he had been shot by his own brother, who was a member of the 'parliamentarian' garrison.
Also, a candidate and 'parliamentarian' training program began on March 14; attendance is 30-40 participants per day.
In 1990, Mongolia became a free and democratic country with a multi-party 'parliamentarian' system under a president.
Dominica has a British 'parliamentarian' system of government, headed by a president and prime minister.
The President shall appoint a 'parliamentarian' to provide parliamentary opinion during meetings of the Advisory Councils and the annual business meeting of the Association.
It's something close to 'parliamentarian' maneuvering.
On paper the government works under the presidential system, but in practice, we exercise a 'parliamentarian' system.
As a 'parliamentarian' , he used to interact with Members of Parliament from India, at the Inter-Parliamentary Union.
All who are participating in the new process for democratization in Iraq, for having a democratic, federative, 'parliamentarian' system, they are our friends.
There was a 'parliamentarian' school of thought; the idea that you could do without a king.
An experienced 'parliamentarian' , Khan has contributed immensely not only to the deliberations of various committees he had served but also to the proceedings of the House.
Women activists, including Cabinet ministers, have also joined in the fight for women representation in key positions and have thus, formed a 'parliamentarian' women's caucus group.
Attendees can make appointments with members of the Board of Directors, headquarters staff members, and the 'parliamentarian' .
‘Since the foreign ministry will play a key role leading the foundation, it would be much more appropriate for the unit to focus on party diplomacy and 'parliamentarian' diplomacy,’ Chen said.
Like the lot of them, they just want to protect their cushy 'parliamentarian' jobs.
The North Korean delegation is also expected to get in contact with the Japanese government and politicians forming a 'parliamentarian' league for Japan-North Korea friendship.
Gadbury, conversely, rejected his early 'parliamentarian' sympathies, became an ardent royalist, and flourished after the Restoration of 1660.
There would be an awful lot of litigation to decide what Parliament meant by allowing 'parliamentarians' to say some sort of thing outside the House.
When I first came in to parliament, most 'parliamentarians' were elderly men.
Overnight she told the nation that she will not allow it, because 'parliamentarians' come to Parliament to make decisions.
A section of politicians from traditional right-wing parties are turning towards right-wing populism, with its chauvinist and xenophobic programme combined with a large dose of hostility towards 'parliamentarianism' .
The basic ideas that were key to the formation of the ‘Third Bulgarian State’ include sovereignty, constitutionalism and 'parliamentarianism' .
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