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The disadvantage is higher levels of NOX [nitrous oxides] and particulates .
matter in particulate form.
particulate pollution
of, relating to, or in the form of minute separate particles.
Zinc oxide is a common, biologically active constituent of 'particulate' air pollution as well as a workplace toxin.
Perhaps these findings suggest a causative link between the rising levels of 'particulate' air pollution from motor vehicles and the increase in the prevalence of atopy.
Moreover, the use of fossil fuels puts our own health at risk through the chemical and 'particulate' pollution it creates.
With less 'particulate' matter, carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide emissions are also less.
This ratio is driven by the settling rate and the nature of organic matter and 'particulate' iron, as well as the supply of oxygen, nitrate, and sulfate to the sediment.
During the early 1980s the primary sources of Arctic 'particulate' pollution are believed to have been from Russia and Europe.
This 'particulate' pollution has been implicated in rising rates of asthma, now the most common chronic childhood disease in the United States.
But there's another major contributor to small 'particulate' pollution that most of us don't know about: those increased levels of wood smoke in winter.
Other precautions include staying inside on high 'particulate' pollution days and making sure your child is not exposed to too much diesel pollution on school buses.
According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, 'particulate' air pollution kills more than 5,000 people a year in that state.
City traffic is a significant source of pollutants such as sulphur dioxide, 'particulate' matter, benzene, and carbon monoxide.
The results of two recent studies have demonstrated an association between postneonatal mortality and 'particulate' air pollution.
We cannot attribute the observed adverse effects to any single pollutant, although 'particulate' pollution may be a strong candidate.
A pond has far more organic 'particulate' matter (small separate particles) than a chemically maintained swimming pool.
Bio-diesel fuelled engines, like their regular fuel counterparts, still emit carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and 'particulate' matter.
We also identified sites with higher levels of 'particulate' pollution than did previous studies, the purpose of which was to maximize the effect of the exposure.
The majority of bivalves feed by removing 'particulate' organic matter from water that is circulated through the gills by cilliary activity.
Despite these differences, it appears that asthma disease is exacerbated by 'particulate' pollution in Anchorage, as it is in other cities in which it has been studied.
'particulate' matter
Healthy human volunteers experienced artery vasoconstriction when they breathed fine 'particulate' air pollution and ozone.
The sulfur dioxide and other 'particulate' emissions coupled with gasoline are not found in ethanol, making the alcohol fuel a much cleaner burning alternative.
For example, high levels of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and 'particulates' (microscopic air panicles) are linked to increased cases of congestive heart failure and heart disease deaths.
The disadvantage is higher levels of NOX [nitrous oxides] and 'particulates' .
Aluminum is derived in a process that produces air pollutants (e.g., 'particulates' and gaseous fluorides, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter).
Ship engines release significant amounts of nitrogen oxides, diesel 'particulates' and sulfur into the atmosphere.
According to EPA's ‘Green Vehicle Guide,’ diesel engines emit 16 times more 'particulates' than gasoline engines, although standards set for 2007 should lessen the problem.
These devices collect chemicals and 'particulates' from the air close to the body to determine what is in the air the person is inhaling.
If it's an outdoor pool, the wind brings all sorts of 'particulates' (solid things, like dust and leaves) that land in the water and stay there.
The results were consistent with the soluble metal concentrations of the 'particulates' , rather than the total metal concentrations, with non-water soluble or biologically available forms of metal having no effect.
We found no correlations between the levels of 'particulates' , carbon dioxide, and other chemicals, and occupant complaints.
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