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passionate pleas for help
showing or caused by strong feelings or a strong belief.
translation of 'passionate'
क्रोध शील,
Extremely 'passionate' , sexual fulfilment is very important to you.
I had to try to put my intense 'passionate' love for him to the side and be his friend.
She is equally 'passionate' about cooking, and has co-authored a book on royal cuisine with her husband.
Most people who are 'passionate' about football would say that, I think.
Outside work, Mr Ainley has always been 'passionate' about sport, especially football and golf.
Cromwell is as 'passionate' about his art as he is about his political beliefs.
He is 'passionate' about Castle Howard as a subject and keen to tackle it from all angles, from classical to abstract and modern styles.
Adventure seekers are likely to have many intense and 'passionate' affairs.
The focus of the narrative is on the life of an architect and a bank officer who get married after a 'passionate' love affair.
We were with nature, making mad 'passionate' love in the long grass.
All the world needs to know is that the two lovers were in love and they made 'passionate' love to each other.
Also, when she's making a movie, which involves 'passionate' love scenes, he's deeply suspicious.
It's really impressive the way they support the team and are so 'passionate' about the club.
They then shared a 'passionate' kiss that only two people truly in love could share.
One day, their passions overcame them and they took off for her house, where they made 'passionate' love all afternoon.
Well it's not like we have to be in some kind of 'passionate' love embrace, right?
Haylee wrapped her arms around his neck, making the kiss more intense and 'passionate' .
Many in our society make the mistake of equating love with 'passionate' love.
He was so 'passionate' about his job and supporting fair trade.
A focussed mind and a strong will to win always make me 'passionate' about motor racing.
He was very 'passionate' about the game of hurling and remained a loyal follower of the black and amber of his native Kilkenny.
Are we going to hear fire emanating from the president on the issues he's most 'passionate' about?
Football ran through his veins and he was very 'passionate' about it.
I've been seeing a woman for over a year, and we share an exciting and 'passionate' love life.
A 'passionate' love affair ensues between the pair, which has doom written all over it.
The 'passionate' love between Heloise and her teacher would cost him dearly.
It is unusual for a footballer to be so 'passionate' about playing for his country.
That will come as a relief to Giffard, who is as 'passionate' about the rule of law as he is a supporter of countryside sports.
Theories of intimate relationships in the modern world view 'passionate' love as a problem to be managed.
Mr Merchant, 41, is 'passionate' about football and gets a real kick out of seeing the children in his club succeed.
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