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कुलपति का
Her mother wants to be sympathetic, yet as a representative of her father's patriarchal power, she can only follow the script laid out for her.
of, relating to, or characteristic of a patriarch.
a patriarchal society
of, relating to, or characteristic of a system of society or government controlled by men.
translation of 'patriarchal'
परिवार-पति या जाति सरदार संबंधी
आदरणीय वृद्ध पुस्र्ष का,
कुलपति का
When they become guerrillas the women set themselves free from 'patriarchal' bonds.
She has totally internalised 'patriarchal' values that are common to our society.
In short, 'patriarchal' society values masculine gender roles only when they are performed by males.
Our family was a traditional 'patriarchal' family, with my Dad at the helm.
All the sampled groups clearly exhibit 'patriarchal' structures, including those relevant to marriage.
His role has been more 'patriarchal' , in the family context.
Funny, I think, how all this is going down without any kind of 'patriarchal' supervision.
Like so many other women caught in war zones, these women are victims of a violently eroding 'patriarchal' system.
Not to mention any number of grouchy 'patriarchal' husbands and avid sugar daddies.
Despite his living in a rigidly 'patriarchal' society his strongest and most memorable characters are all female.
Coming from a 'patriarchal' society, the responses to such questionnaires are interesting, if not very surprising.
Parents enjoy a 'patriarchal' status and the father claims the best chair near the fire.
She has rejected the 'patriarchal' society and a traditional marriage.
Recognition that the power structure is also 'patriarchal' helps to explain much of the resistance.
As such, it allows for changing and evolving structures that exist outside of the 'patriarchal' power system.
I am also conscious of my identity as a writer within a 'patriarchal' culture.
In a 'patriarchal' society men fear independent autonomous women.
They were written in a highly 'patriarchal' society where masculine domination was the norm.
Her mother wants to be sympathetic, yet as a representative of her father's 'patriarchal' power, she can only follow the script laid out for her.
Big farmers in the area come from a strongly 'patriarchal' and feudal background.
For decades, international development agencies skirted gender issues in highly 'patriarchal' societies.
She then received 'patriarchal' permission to pursue kinship with offspring of creditable lineage!
Previously, all western religions, even the masons, had been rigidly 'patriarchal' .
A feminist might see it as an instrument of 'patriarchal' oppression.
Rules such as these may be acquired during childhood and may reflect the 'patriarchal' values of society.
In this sense the representations of motherhood potentially extend far beyond 'patriarchal' ideology.
Inmates of various types were integrated into this 'patriarchally' organized house.
Under the Old Regime, the government acted 'patriarchally' .
At the time it was clear that there was no chance of getting in touch with your self unless you had witnessed what nature had so perversely, so 'patriarchally' , hidden from your view.
I believe that a rigidly 'Patriarchal' culture cannot tolerate the empowered creative voice of Women.
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