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शांतिपूर्ण ढंग से
the baby slept peacefully in its cradle
without disturbance; tranquilly.
the siege ended peacefully
without war or violence.
translation of 'peacefully'
कोमलता से,
शान्ति से
the siege ended 'peacefully'
she suffered a stroke and died 'peacefully' in her sleep
He died 'peacefully' in his sleep, surrounded by family and friends.
For the first time since her mother's death, Erin felt 'peacefully' calm and content.
But if it wasn't unheard of for a ruler of Constantinople to die 'peacefully' in his bed, it was also not the norm.
As she entered the living room, she saw him, for the first time in many months, sleeping 'peacefully' on the floor.
In her arms was a newborn baby girl, 'peacefully' sleeping, wrapped in a light pink towel.
A few days ago complications emerged and he was returned to hospital, where he died 'peacefully' in his sleep early on Saturday morning.
Jess was still 'peacefully' sleeping on the back seats.
The tiny twin baby girls sleeping 'peacefully' side by side are little miracles.
With little disturbance, she is spending her time 'peacefully' .
I am so grateful he died 'peacefully' with his family.
Unlike Chinese people who wait for death 'peacefully' , Westerners will fight it to their last breath.
She was supposed to live to a ripe old age and die 'peacefully' in her sleep, devoid of any pain.
Campaigners argue that it is better for a patient to choose to die 'peacefully' and in dignity, than in great pain.
Half a year later he died 'peacefully' , a natural death, with dignity.
the baby slept 'peacefully' in its cradle
On Saturday night at 9.40 pm he passed away 'peacefully' in his sleep, surrounded by his wife and family.
She slept so silently and 'peacefully' he almost regretted being there.
The coffin will remain open because of a Russian tradition going back to the time when people were suspicious that some of their tsars had not died 'peacefully' .
The Princess died 'peacefully' in her sleep at 6.30 am on Saturday after suffering a third stroke and developing heart problems.
She died 'peacefully' at home, surrounded by members of her family.
But the cancer returned, and he died 'peacefully' on Wednesday at his home in Connecticut.
Late that night we pulled into a cheap motel, cashed an unemployment check, and fell 'peacefully' to sleep.
The girl seeks protection from a nurse or grandmother while the baby sleeps 'peacefully' in its mother's arms.
He died 'peacefully' at home, surrounded by family and friends.
That role may diminish or even disappear if change is not forthcoming - and it may do so violently rather than 'peacefully' .
For at least 40,000 years, they gathered shellfish and 'peacefully' slept under the stars.
The siege ended 'peacefully' five days later when riot police moved in.
I sat straight up in bed, and saw Dustin sleeping 'peacefully' next to me.
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