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शांति स्थापना
the 2,300-strong UN peacekeeping force
the active maintenance of a truce between nations or communities, especially by an international military force.
After all, a South African 'peacekeeping' force will provide them with necessary security requirements.
In the future, however, we should do more to support the 'peacekeeping' effort.
All other nations' armed forces involved in Asia are deployed in 'peacekeeping' missions.
Yorkshire troops have already played their part in both combat and 'peacekeeping' duties.
Get international 'peacekeeping' troops in as quickly as possible.
More than 250 soldiers from Senegal will join the West African 'peacekeeping' force in Liberia.
Deaths that occurred overseas while personnel were on 'peacekeeping' duties were also included.
West African leaders agreed to send their 'peacekeeping' troops to Liberia by next week.
Do you specifically want the United Nations to have some sort of 'peacekeeping' role there?
Some Royal Nepal Army personnel have served in United Nations 'peacekeeping' forces.
the 2,300-strong UN 'peacekeeping' force
He further stressed that India would also receive funding to enhance its 'peacekeeping' training facilities.
Since 1948 there have been 49 UN 'peacekeeping' operations, the majority since 1988.
Traditionally, the largest military contributor to any UN 'peacekeeping' operation has maintained command.
The defence ministers discussed ways of reducing the 'peacekeeping' contingent from its current 60,000 troops.
They advocated more 'peacekeeping' training, the deployment of more combat support units and more military police.
His attempt to take power by force was forestalled by a West African 'peacekeeping' force financed largely by Nigeria.
the 2,300-strong UN 'peacekeeping' force
Twenty thousand American marines are stationed in East Africa as part of a United Nations 'peacekeeping' force.
They have also been part of the United Nations 'peacekeeping' forces in Cyprus and, more recently, Bosnia.
Some commentators have recommended that the Army establish constabulary units focused exclusively on 'peacekeeping' duties.
Inevitably, 'peacekeeping' training remains a minor component of training in general.
It should be backed by armed 'peacekeepers' , because police go in, essentially, to do a policing task.
British troops were helping beleaguered United Nations 'peacekeepers' .
Maybe its finally time for the UN to actively step in as 'peacekeepers' .
If the United Nations sends in 'peacekeepers' , they will face great challenges keeping order in the region.
The United Nations has put 'peacekeepers' here to maintain security, but now the UN is on its way out.
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