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पैदल यात्री
The new crossing would improve conditions both for pedestrians and vehicles.
a person walking along a road or in a developed area.
disenchantment with their present, pedestrian lives
lacking inspiration or excitement; dull.
translation of 'pedestrian'
बड़ा चलनेवाला,
पैदल चलनेवाला,
पैदल यात्री
पैदल चलनेवाला,
Otherwise the same old struggle to make sense of what looks like very 'pedestrian' work from last week.
His descriptions are often quite 'pedestrian' and sometimes strangely inept.
There is a good sting in its tail but it hardly justifies the one hundred 'pedestrian' minutes which precede it.
In spite of the glowing praise on the back cover, it turned out to be very 'pedestrian' and hum-drum.
It's often imaginative, but the choppy and 'pedestrian' delivery strongly stunts the acidic flavour.
Ironic that a comic with such revolutionary ideas should have such 'pedestrian' objectives.
The performance is so 'pedestrian' it practically gets run over by a goey-filled truckie.
The second half was more 'pedestrian' due to some extent to the pitch cutting up and also to Borris' big lead.
Halfway through this fairly 'pedestrian' game matters were poised on a knife-edge.
Chiswick residents claim the crossing is dangerous for drivers and 'pedestrians' .
Now 'pedestrians' hurry past each week as they walk along one of the shortest streets in York.
This reduces visibility for motorists and 'pedestrians' and is very dangerous.
He was far too large for the traffic and 'pedestrians' to avoid, but both consciously tried to do so.
Well done to all concerned for ensuring that no harm came to road users and 'pedestrians' alike.
Many 'pedestrians' have learnt not to rely on the pedestrian phase even if there is one.
Some 'pedestrians' walked past for a second time, and like the woman they gave you wary looks.
No lights, just a steady stream of 'pedestrians' walking over the road and holding up the traffic.
Vehicles and 'pedestrians' can still use Bank Street but it is taking away some of the parking space.
We would like to see 'pedestrians' given priority over vehicles on all park roads.
If the police do take action on this, 'pedestrians' will benefit as much as cyclists.
Residents claimed the lights made it much more dangerous for 'pedestrians' to cross.
He has also called on motorists to be more conscious of 'pedestrians' and cyclists.
Many 'pedestrians' end up having to push past the waiting passengers to get through.
She said they had complained that cars and other vehicles ignore it and fail to stop for 'pedestrians' .
He did note that the biggest danger was to 'pedestrians' crossing the swing bridge across the canal.
The new crossing would improve conditions both for 'pedestrians' and vehicles.
Footpaths provide a safe environment for 'pedestrians' and should be respected by all.
Both have footpaths which have been widened over recent years to accommodate 'pedestrians' .
Windmill Street will be closed and no 'pedestrians' or vehicles will be allowed access.
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