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As pensioners on fixed incomes, we were amazed at the sum involved and would like to warn others to be wary.
a person who receives a pension.
translation of 'pensioner'
भाड़े का सिपाही,
पेंशन पानेवाला व्यक्ति,
An annuity, whereby the 'pensioner' buys an income with a lump sum, can vary as well.
While the teenager was in his cell, he made a card to say sorry but the 'pensioner' never received it.
Many of the appeals are deserving but, being a 'pensioner' on a limited income hard choices have to be made.
The 'pensioners' even received an eviction notice through the post on Christmas Eve.
As 'pensioners' on fixed incomes, we were amazed at the sum involved and would like to warn others to be wary.
An army of old age 'pensioners' demanded an end to spiralling council tax on Friday.
People on fixed incomes and 'pensioners' simply cannot afford rises of triple the cost of living.
Many 'pensioners' live on a low, fixed income and struggle to pay their rising council tax bills.
They do want to help pensioners, but they want 'pensioners' to depend on them for that help.
The group is warning that this could cause hardship for 'pensioners' and those on low incomes.
Also, many of the people using this facility are 'pensioners' , or people on low incomes.
Where do they think 'pensioners' and people on low incomes can keep finding this money every year?
There were old age 'pensioners' taking advantage of the special rate, and some kids.
An action group for the 'pensioners' is contacting as many members of the fund as possible.
Three and a half million 'pensioners' are cutting back on their spending to pay the bills.
This annuity guarantees 'pensioners' a regular income for the rest of their lives.
In fact the biggest winners will be wealthy 'pensioners' at the expense of people on low incomes.
This means that 'pensioners' ' incomes will rise more slowly than they have in the past.
The concept of the workers of today paying for the 'pensioners' of yesterday no longer holds true.
How are 'pensioners' on fixed incomes meant to cope with an ever increasing Council Tax?
SBI releases OROP arrears for 775,000 defence pensioners
OROP payoud have reached over two third pensioners: Parrikar
Modi holds up Pune pensioner's example to shame tax evaders
Woman pensioner donates Rs 50,000 for LPG to poor women: Modi
Jaitley to launch one-stop solution portal for pensioners
Cabinet approves 2% hike in DA/DR for central staff, pensioners
Two pensioners die after collapsing in bank queues
Minister unveils mobile app for pensioners
Greek PM to share $1.6 bn handout among pensioners, poor
TRENDING: Civil servants, pensioners to receive special payment today
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