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The following is a list of suggested annuals, perennials and foliage plants.
a perennial plant.
his perennial distrust of the media
lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time; enduring or continually recurring.
translation of 'perennial'
बारहमासी पौधा,
बहुऋतुजीवी पौधा
वर्ष-भर रहनेवाला
And yes, even the players acknowledge the team is a 'perennial' underachiever.
They included volleyball and relays, but the 'perennial' favourite was the interdepartmental Tug-of-War.
Over the years, various stage productions have added their own theatrical styles to the show, ensuring it remains a 'perennial' favourite of theatre-goers around the world.
It may be tempting to choose 'perennial' species for your garden by looks alone.
Northern Province is undoubtedly one of the most blessed parts of Zambia with abundant 'perennial' streams that run throughout the year.
Local people say the pond is slowly dying as the 'perennial' spring which fed the waters has been choked by a slab laid for the construction of a building.
If the weeds are sparse, use that early spring energy to hand pull some of those 'perennial' weeds.
It's the best, even if your club is engaged in 'perennial' struggle.
Their coach was cautious about his team's chances of finally ending its role as 'perennial' second to Munich.
Eliminate weeds, especially 'perennial' weeds, before planting to reduce weed problems later.
This is unlike the situation in 'perennial' lakes where sedimentation also occurs on sloping margins, thus perpetuating variations in depth.
Greenery crouches around the few 'perennial' streams and artificially filled waterholes.
Despite a massive budget and state-of-the-art facilities including not one but two test tracks, they remain 'perennial' underachievers.
Therefore, cattle could not be moved directly from wheat pasture to cool season 'perennial' grass.
He said priorities include the implementation of the decision taken on agriculture, to have drop-down irrigation schemes along 'perennial' rivers.
The greatest concentrations of game in Namibia can be found in Etosha National Park, an enormous silvery depression ringed by 'perennial' springs.
I can show how to make a 'perennial' river in a six-minute film.
Water availability is a major challenge as the Lusitu river which used to be a 'perennial' river has virtually dried up largely due to damming activities in Mazabuka up stream.
The ‘curse’ of Namibia is that the country's 'perennial' rivers are far from the interior.
Yet he remains anchored in the permanent things, in the 'perennial' liberal tradition.
It has been found that the density of 'perennial' streams relates directly to the available moisture, which is defined as precipitation minus evapotranspiration.
We believed the pedagogy might offer tentative answers to some of the 'perennial' questions of our profession: How can we motivate students to see the value of writing?
As a 'perennial' student of crime, I am here to tell you that there is no such thing as a monster.
For a very long time the people of this planet have been engaged in one of the 'perennial' debates over the collective wisdom of crowds.
There are some hardy 'perennial' plants that we, as gardeners, simply must have.
With essential resources at a nadir, the Valparai plateau with its 'perennial' streams obviously attracts elephant herds.
If you plant 'perennial' herbs in the vegetable garden, set them off so they'll be easy to avoid during spring and fall tilling.
They are also used quite effectively when planted in close groups among 'perennial' shrubs.
It was the 'perennial' tug-of-war between engagement and withdrawal.
Scotland's coach does not usually want for words, but even the 'perennial' optimist found it difficult to see any highlights amongst the autumnal gloom of yesterday's encounter.
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