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new buildings on the periphery of the hospital site
the outer limits or edge of an area or object.
translation of 'periphery'
नगर का किनारा,
बाहरो इलाक़ा,
On the 'periphery' of my hearing, I caught a high pitched keening sound - the sonic pulse.
The rotor includes a ring magnetic mounted to an outer 'periphery' thereof.
In sum, the prefect was the indispensable link between the centre and the 'periphery' .
By definition, the lesions are in the lung 'periphery' and therefore rarely present with hemoptysis or signs of infection.
Concrete public housing projects evoke their counterparts elsewhere and shanty towns exist on the urban 'periphery' .
new buildings on the 'periphery' of the hospital site
The ward is no longer on the 'periphery' of the town.
Vimentin filaments are more prevalent in the central regions of the cell than in the cell 'periphery' .
In later use, the country's name indicates its location on the northern 'periphery' of Europe.
But with respect, you are at the periphery; I would not say the margin, but you are at the 'periphery' of that debate.
Is speech that advocates violence at the center of the First Amendment, or at its 'periphery' ?
The distribution of soil pressure normal to the culvert 'periphery' is plotted against the central angle in Figure 7.
a shift in power from the center to the 'periphery'
On the positive side it has assisted in moving issues about ageing from the 'periphery' to the centre of political debate.
If she sees me in the 'periphery' of her vision, I'm screwed.
new buildings on the 'periphery' of the hospital site
From a sport that existed on the 'periphery' of Irish consciousness his name entered the mainstream.
Most part-time positions are located in the 'periphery' of the organization.
The center may need to pay attention to the 'periphery' and accept its influence simply in order to survive.
The underdevelopment of the 'periphery' is a condition of the development of the center.
One morning, a village on the 'periphery' of a city wakes up to find itself bifurcated by the construction of a National Highway.
On the 'periphery' of the print, I can see the living room décor as it used to be.
New housing developments dot the city's 'periphery' .
As its power of attraction increases, the center becomes more ignorant of the 'periphery' .
The modern state thus emerged on the 'periphery' of a dynamic area of economic growth.
a shift in power from the centre to the 'periphery'
Moreover, attacks on Victorianism could come from the 'periphery' as well as the centre.
Note the formation of multiple hairs located at the cell 'periphery' .
Poised on the western 'periphery' of Europe, Portugal has always been on the edge, looking outwards.
The base plate may include flanges disposed along the outer 'periphery' of the base plate.
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