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नष्ट होनेवाला
Imagine how much easier food storage and transportation would be if perishables didn't have to be refrigerated.
things, especially foodstuffs, likely to decay or go bad quickly.
Check use-by dates on packaging and pay particular attention to perishable foods, such as vacuum packed smoked salmon or ham and dairy products.
(especially of food) likely to decay or go bad quickly.
translation of 'perishable'
बिगड़ने वाला,
खराब होने वाला,
भंगुर होने योग्य,
नाश होने योग्य
Then I put in 'perishable' foods like rolls and donuts.
Another factor to keep in mind is that ground beef is highly 'perishable' .
Also, the loss of 'perishable' foods may skew data on restaurant sales and grocery store receipts.
More new stores will offer more 'perishable' food than ever.
Don't leave 'perishable' food items to overheat in the boot of your car while you do other shopping.
Soon many of you will be going away to school and will have to, for the first, brave the world of 'perishable' food items.
The care required for 'perishable' food also raises the costs.
If the room temperature is above 90 F, refrigerate 'perishable' foods within one hour.
The Army needs these linguists trained and mission ready, maintaining their 'perishable' language skills.
Pack just the amount of 'perishable' food that can be eaten at lunch.
Check use-by dates on packaging and pay particular attention to 'perishable' foods, such as vacuum packed smoked salmon or ham and dairy products.
In its solid form, known as dry ice, it is used to chill 'perishable' food during transport.
All the 'perishable' food would have to be eaten the first day since the fridge had no electricity.
Edgar handed his visitor a mug while he put the 'perishable' food away in the fridge.
A former shopkeeper has been fined for having 'perishable' food on sale past its use-by date.
Second, the performing arts are also 'perishable' products that cannot be returned or resold.
Staff have organised two trolley loads of 'perishable' food for the hospice and Santa will be picking up the presents.
If books are not the most 'perishable' products of human civilization, they have, throughout recorded history, attracted the homicidal attentions of every conquering army.
Inside were all of the 'perishable' food items along with a flagon of milk.
The first mate was in charge on deck, and Devlin, the cook, was cooking up a meal of all the 'perishable' food.
Nobody can predict future opinions on so 'perishable' an art as that of the motion picture.
Place all 'perishable' food in the refrigerator as soon as possible after purchase.
If 'perishable' meat, sheep, and dairy products were sitting in ships for long periods of time, that could hurt our economy.
The Pot-in-pot system allows 'perishable' food to be kept for long periods.
Owing to the 'perishability' of the material, however, only a few have survived.
But with the kind of sales we're seeing there isn't much concern about 'perishability' .
Anyway, when I finally finished the kitchen yesterday I was left with a mountain of 'perishables' I couldn't take with me.
For instance, some have taken dry goods out of their designated aisles and are merchandising them with 'perishables' .
A number of residents have contacted the council about this and have been told to put extra wrapping on 'perishables' .
With the focus, by and large, turning to door delivery, in the case of consumer durables as well as 'perishables' , the location factor has been obscured.
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