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यादगार बनाना
the law perpetuated the interests of the ruling class
make (something, typically an undesirable situation or an unfounded belief) continue indefinitely.
translation of 'perpetuate'
स्थिर रखना,
अविरत बनाना
स्थिर करना,
चिरायु बनाना,
यादगार बनाना
These conditions destroy human dignity and 'perpetuate' poverty.
These systems are as useless today as the bureaucratic institutions that continue to 'perpetuate' and promote their usage.
He also continues to attempt to 'perpetuate' those lies, but the public is beginning to wake up.
The financial oligarchy wants the war to continue to 'perpetuate' their global wealth.
The effect of its rate rise will be to 'perpetuate' global economic imbalances.
Indeed inheritance under the current system only serves to 'perpetuate' inequality.
In this way we often 'perpetuate' self-defeating subliminal beliefs.
Every year, parents continue to 'perpetuate' the myth of Santa Claus.
The fake images that concern us most are those that are created to 'perpetuate' a lie.
The error in the second model is that the present situation need not 'perpetuate' itself.
The people profiteering off of the growth 'perpetuate' the problem and have a human obligation to correct the problems.
a monument to 'perpetuate' the memory of those killed in the war
It assumes that changes are needed in the economic systems and structures that 'perpetuate' inequality and injustice.
how did these first humans survive to 'perpetuate' the species?
Partly taken in by this, partly its 'perpetuator' , he embraced that myth to service his artistic aims.
The man is a professional 'perpetuator' of the myth.
The book contains unsubstantiated statements 'perpetuating' old myths and creating confusion.
It depends on, and 'perpetuates' , an eighteenth-century liberal ideal of autonomy, individualism and unencumbered choice.
For protesters the present arrangement 'perpetuates' gross global inequity, made worse by rampant globalization.
If so, then I will call this nothing else but sheer 'perpetuation' of poverty and illiteracy, ill health and gross violation of human rights!
The answer lies beyond a 'perpetuation' of memory and myth.
This criminal law allows for the 'perpetuation' of the problem.
The two men are understandably disgruntled and fault the shelters for 'perpetuating' what they see as a system of control.
Doing that simply legitimises and 'perpetuates' continuing oppression.
Why make a mockery of a real problem by inviting its 'perpetuators' to condemn it?
She couldn't let him keep 'perpetuating' that process.
Moreover, the Bolsheviks, in continuing to see law principally as a means of defending the state, unconsciously served as 'perpetuators' of Russian tradition.
It has become a place that 'perpetuates' and nourishes the precincts of power and violence.
The media has 'perpetuated' four big lies in relation to this event.
The conditions for the 'perpetuation' of evil were now complete.
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