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In those cultures, many scholars and many books would say the same: All these gods are then personification of some nature or phenomenon.
the attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something nonhuman, or the representation of an abstract quality in human form.
translation of 'personification'
जीवधारी ठहराना,
चेतना धर्मारोपण
He is the 'personification' of eclecticism which results in a frustratingly mixed qualitative output.
The goddess Nature is an amoral pagan 'personification' , her laws harsh and ineluctable.
Momus, from the Greek word for blame or criticism, was the ancient world's 'personification' of the contrarian spirit.
In fact, this motif has been interpreted as a 'personification' of Bounty or Charity, a symbol of Ecclesia, or simply as a poor Dutch woman who seeks shelter for herself and her children in the church.
Eros is a term insufficiently abstract; Eros is a god, Aphrodite a 'personification' .
Perhaps it's partially the combination of 'personification' and blatant gender stereotypes.
The use of the Greek word mammon, meaning money or wealth, in this context carries a sort of 'personification' .
That's all this 'personification' of modesty has to say.
The lake is a 'personification' of peace, tranquillity and unfathomable calm.
Music is simply an 'personification' of the soul.
The ultimate 'personification' of God's love was Jesus, and His love was expressed through the action of dying on the cross.
His public image was the 'personification' of noblesse oblige, a wholesome and vigorous young president with a beautiful wife and young children.
He remains its moderator, its icon, its 'personification' .
Twain rarely uses 'personification' in this work.
the design on the franc shows Marianne, the 'personification' of the French republic
He was the 'personification' and embodiment of hip-hop.
In the drawing for the full composition, the 'personification' of architecture holds a model of a structure with Doric columns.
In Matthew, Jesus is the fulfillment and 'personification' of Torah, the fully ‘faithful Child whom God had desired in Israel.’
he was the very 'personification' of British pluck and diplomacy
The function of this process of 'personification' is that it permits nature to be thought of as if it were a society of persons, and so makes of it a social or moral order.
The case may be, the argument might run, that Hebrew can use the singular where most languages, including English, may prefer the plural for a group, and hence there is no real employment of 'personification' .
Here a 'personification' of Painting, crowned with the eye of perspective, is shown in profile extending an embrace toward the hands of friendship.
These people have become the epitome and complete 'personification' of Greed and Corruption.
She looked the 'personification' of pre-adolescent sulkiness, which perhaps explains the star quality she has for girls aged seven to 10.
He is the 'personification' of material universe in all its various magnificent manifestations.
But indeed it is only strictly speaking that something is amiss, only if the allegorical content of each 'personification' must be taken seriously.
She is the archetypal 'personification' of the sonnet claim because she promises Petrarch poetic fame.
Not only did Cameron produce numerous portraits of Jackson as herself, but also as a poetic ‘Stella’ and a 'personification' of ‘Beauty.’
he was the very 'personification' of British pluck and diplomacy
However, he reflected deeply on the existence of this inner woman who possessed the power to upset him, and concluded that she must be the 'personification' of his soul.
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