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the town expanded at a phenomenal rate
very remarkable; extraordinary.
the phenomenal world
perceptible by the senses or through immediate experience.
translation of 'phenomenal'
तथ्य विषयक,
Over the four days he was quite breathtaking and it was wonderful to sit back and admire such 'phenomenal' skill.
To pay for this programme we should put a tax on office building, which has gone up at a 'phenomenal' rate.
The crowds have flocked back, the feel-good factor has been 'phenomenal' .
His scoring rate was 'phenomenal' and he is definitely one of the jewels in Tipperary's crown.
I'm here, reluctantly, to find out what's behind the 'phenomenal' rise in the sales of male make-up.
Is the 'phenomenal' character of experience reducible to its intentional content?
Nietzsche rejected the Kantian distinction between a noumenal and 'phenomenal' world.
He is leaving established international acts in the shade and is chalking up 'phenomenal' album sales.
Breath was going in and out of her at a 'phenomenal' rate and she found herself in a cold sweat.
The atomists attributed 'phenomenal' changes to the association and dissociation of atoms.
I know 10 have been penalties but he's won most of them taking people on, and his work rate has been 'phenomenal' .
The effort by teachers, parents, pupils and the general public was 'phenomenal' .
The mites breed at a 'phenomenal' rate in soft furnishings such as pillows and mattresses.
As a result, the music has plenty of breathing space for the 'phenomenal' basslines to move around.
When WFCAM is scanning the sky it will produce images at a 'phenomenal' rate.
Just to play in the Open would have been amazing, but to play in front of such a 'phenomenal' crowd was tremendous.
We had 'phenomenal' cars, fantastic drivers and exciting races - who could ask for more from a race meeting?
These great performances are supplemented by quite breathtaking visuals of a 'phenomenal' quality.
Heidegger is not simply describing the 'phenomenal' character of our experience of others.
Yet despite this 'phenomenal' strike rate of nearly a goal every two games, nobody has really taken any notice.
His work rate has been, at times, nothing short of 'phenomenal' , particularly for England.
I did this gig to 4,000 people on Sunday night and got a standing ovation and the noise and energy were 'phenomenal' .
What I also know about John is that he has a 'phenomenal' will to win and takes the game incredibly seriously.
Now one might wonder why the immediacy of visual perception and the 'phenomenal' principle are in conflict.
It was a 'phenomenal' success and played to capacity crowds at many venues.
But the thing is - it was incredible - a 'phenomenally' beautiful piece of furniture.
It is an unreasoned assumption that every type of consciousness 'phenomenalises' "self" in the same way.
Search engines now are 'phenomenally' powerful and you can find information on any subject.
He hits the ball 'phenomenally' hard and can claim the spectacular goal if required to, but also, with the deftest of touches he can pass the ball into the net.
The characters are 'phenomenally' one-dimensional, and I'm at a loss to figure out exactly what any of them contributes to the running of the site.
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