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they receive financial support from philanthropic bodies
(of a person or organization) seeking to promote the welfare of others, especially by donating money to good causes; generous and benevolent.
translation of 'philanthropic'
With any luck, a few of these 'philanthropic' people will also help others a bit closer to home.
If you feel 'philanthropic' , find a charity that matches your interests.
Mittal's donation will propel him into the ranks of Britain's most 'philanthropic' citizens.
The sincerely 'philanthropic' Kraft's generosity isn't spread evenly in some cases.
They were scheduled at a meeting of the Gill Foundation, a 'philanthropic' human rights organization.
Mr Bains said NRIs were making many 'philanthropic' investments for social welfare and community projects.
Service learning often relies on a notion of volunteerism, charity or 'philanthropic' effort.
Because you're a business, you're not a charity, you're not a 'philanthropic' body.
Dr. Shetty is convinced that young doctors are becoming 'philanthropic' , charitable, and spiritual.
There are 'philanthropic' organizations that raise money from the public and channel it to needy parents.
The family was 'philanthropic' ; a large bequest to the University of Melbourne created its Baillieu Library.
Many financial contributions to universities are 'philanthropic' and truly generous in nature.
He is also actively involved in the Grove Foundation, a private 'philanthropic' organization.
But he made it a priority to be very, very 'philanthropic' , very generous with his own money.
But she's a 'philanthropic' person - her charitable foundation's done a lot of work.
There are also a few nice unexpected touches, such as a list of the benefits of making a donation to charity or some other 'philanthropic' gesture.
His family enjoys the goodwill of doing 'philanthropic' services through a charitable trust for decades.
He is involved in numerous other charities and 'philanthropic' causes.
The couple - let us call them Henry and Julie - have devoted their lives to public service and 'philanthropic' causes.
For much of our history medical care was delivered by religious organisations or 'philanthropic' individuals and institutions.
TarraWarra was Australia's first 'philanthropically' funded public museum, a gift by Eva and Marc Besen of Melbourne who raided their private collection to start it.
They certainly have had a great deal to do 'philanthropically' in this country, as well as in other countries.
He did do good things, and was a very good friend - a very 'philanthropically' minded person and a liberal spirit in an incredibly reactionary age.
I can put the fruits of success to good use, 'philanthropically' , helping the oppressed and exposing injustice.
The vast sums that flew in and out of his accounts, he said in a classic Burkism, were ‘walking around money’, to be spent 'philanthropically' while touring his constituency.
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