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the picturesque covered bridges of New England
visually attractive, especially in a quaint or pretty style.
translation of 'picturesque'
It's the pub's 'picturesque' name for a tasting of five obscure or lesser-known wines.
The village, while it makes a nice 'picturesque' background, is not deeply important.
We villagers of Dundrum are extremely lucky to live in such a 'picturesque' place in an area of outstanding beauty.
Fire crews feared the worst as a blaze gutted two 'picturesque' cottages in a Cotswold village.
This has to be one of the most 'picturesque' places in Glasgow to read the weekend papers over a long lunch.
Longchamp is a very 'picturesque' place and Paris has that romantic aura about it.
There's a shop in the 'picturesque' village that attracts visitors from all over the country.
Volume I is a normal book, describing in 'picturesque' language the history of the cheese made at Tillamook.
And she has also called for harsher penalties for litter louts who mar the city's 'picturesque' streets.
The 'picturesque' building was neat as a pin, despite being a working farm with Jersey cows and goats.
The author's energetic, often tongue-in-cheek prose style, together with his ability to blend roguish satire, pathos, and 'picturesque' description, had a profound influence upon the popular culture of his day.
We don't go to Scotland for the weather but when it's like this it is simply the most 'picturesque' place on the planet that I have seen.
The town has a 'picturesque' harbour where humble and luxurious yachts rub shoulders.
It is to the explanation of the historical origins of that 'picturesque' language that this essay addresses itself.
One of the additional benefits of rowing is that the action usually takes place at 'picturesque' locations, such as lochs and canals.
As we go back in history, language becomes more 'picturesque' .
Properties in the village range from 'picturesque' cottages and council houses to large private homes.
Wiltshire is home to some of the most 'picturesque' towns and villages in the country, often attracting filmmakers to the county.
Before we left this 'picturesque' place, we took a photo of the kind family we had lodged with.
The couple's home, which stands in the centre of the 'picturesque' village, is in the same state as it was almost a year ago.
The basin at Canal Head should be a wonderful addition to an already 'picturesque' place.
Halifax, surprisingly, had quite an array of 'picturesque' buildings.
They enjoy the 'picturesque' location of the Embassy as well as look forward to home cooked Indian food.
People like Austrian resorts for their village atmosphere and 'picturesque' settings.
South Yorkshire is one of the most 'picturesque' places in the country.
The hall, which had been 'picturesquely' decorated by the officers and a few of the inmates, presented a bright and festive appearance.
The first view of the city is really beautiful, surpassing in 'picturesqueness' any other Peruvian city we had seen.
As with much of Austria, the town is 'picturesquely' set against mountains and ripe with street cafes and surrounding areas that look like something out of the movie Heidi.
If so, where does all this 'picturesqueness' stop?
Sydney Harbour on a sunny day really does warrant full marks for 'picturesqueness' .
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