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The commonest infection is a type of pneumonia , a serious lung infection.
lung inflammation caused by bacterial or viral infection, in which the air sacs fill with pus and may become solid. Inflammation may affect both lungs ( double pneumonia ), one lung ( single pneumonia ), or only certain lobes ( lobar pneumonia ).
translation of 'pneumonia'
फेफड़ों की सूजन,
The commonest infection is a type of 'pneumonia' , a serious lung infection.
Avian influenza begins as a respiratory infection and can develop into 'pneumonia' that is often fatal.
she had 'pneumonia'
It is quite possible that she would have died had she developed an infection such as 'pneumonia' .
He then fell ill with 'pneumonia' and died after a lung collapsed and he suffered kidney failure.
He had been suffering from throat cancer and had recently been battling 'pneumonia' .
The cold developed into 'pneumonia' , which turned out to be a symptom of leukaemia.
The Doctors said I had whooping cough and 'pneumonia' and that I would have to stay in hospital for the next few months.
Pregnant women who get chickenpox or shingles have a higher than normal risk of developing 'pneumonia' .
Zinc supplementation reduces the incidence of diarrhoea and 'pneumonia' and improves growth.
After initial improvement she developed 'pneumonia' and died 17 days after admission.
But he died after contracting a chest infection which turned into 'pneumonia' .
The most common type of 'pneumonia' is bronchopneumonia, which affects the bronchioles.
The bacteria, which can cause a serious form of 'pneumonia' were found after a routine inspection.
he got 'pneumonia'
The symptoms of bird flu in people vary from typical flu symptoms to eye infections and 'pneumonia' .
I heard a few weeks ago that Claire had 'pneumonia' and was in hospital.
His family was informed he was suffering from 'pneumonia' caused by fluid in his lungs.
Smoking cessation also reduces the risk of death after a stroke and of death from 'pneumonia' and influenza.
Doctors originally concluded she died from 'pneumonia' and heart disease.
Secondary infections such as 'pneumonia' are the main causes of death from malnutrition.
There are immunisations for several of the infections that can cause 'pneumonia' .
Daily radiographic assessment is essential for monitoring of this potentially rapidly progressive 'pneumonic' illness.
In some patients the 'pneumonic' infiltration was rapidly progressive, resulting in severe oxygen desaturation requiring assisted ventilation.
No vaccine currently is available for 'pneumonic' or bubonic plague.
There was no clinical or bacteriological evidence of a 'pneumonic' process.
In summary, SARS is a highly contagious and predominantly 'pneumonic' illness.
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