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We tend to elect politicians to change things, and then kick them when they do.
a person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of or a candidate for an elected office.
translation of 'politician'
राज्य-कार्य में निपूण,
राजनीतिक चालबाज़ी करनेवाला मनुष्य,
You can't have people inferring a democratically elected 'politician' is a terrorist.
Sitting here in front of him in his Stormont Office, I see the formidable 'politician' he has become.
This can be fatal in a 'politician' , since politics is a matter of choosing your enemies carefully.
a local 'politician'
There can be no more damning accusation today than to accuse a 'politician' of believing in politics.
When this becomes a habit, it is a danger to the public, the 'politician' and the police.
a veteran communist 'politician'
She is delivered to her father, a 'politician' who presides over the policing of his town.
Isn't it funny how everyone likes to vote, except if it involves a 'politician' ?
Yes, I was not trained to become a minister or a 'politician' , but you learn on the job.
It used to be possible to guess the political party of a 'politician' by accent.
That is money in the bank for any 'politician' seeking high office in America.
Demonstrators hold up banners in their languages and local 'politicians' speak them.
Some of our local 'politicians' must also stop making excuses for these children.
Generations of local 'politicians' fought for decent homes for all in this area.
There was a time when local 'politicians' undertook civic duties as a way of serving the community.
Do the 'politicians' we elect have the right to force us to live more healthily?
I am also surprised at the muted and fatalistic response so far from the local 'politicians' .
Each of the fifty states has a constitution and set of laws; each elects 'politicians' .
We tend to elect 'politicians' to change things, and then kick them when they do.
They will come back with a vengeance if the 'politicians' they have elected let them down.
Local 'politicians' in Hampshire are this week being urged to lead the way in the field of fire safety.
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