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राजनीतिक चालबाज़ी करनेवाला मनुष्य
A hardcore politico cannot use those words, even though a hardcore 'politico' is likely to hear that song and mistakenly believe it expresses what he believes.
The politico blog is ostensibly written by the politico himself, or is at least about the 'politico' 's daily activities.
When a 'politico' passed through San Francisco, he would wait outside the radio station where they were being interviewed to collect autographs.
I haven't seen the Republican 'politicos' try to do anything about the erosion of the First Amendment.
Our mayoralty, in contrast, in seen as a retirement home for amusing, quirky 'politicos' who couldn't quite hack it in the Commons.
Cultural elites have been replaced by officeholders and 'politicos' , ambitious men who are part of the village bourgeoisie.
A good bit of this is probably just wishful thinking on the part of Democratic 'politicos' in Washington.
The site's pro/con section is also good, with commentary and debate between two 'politicos' on a specific issue.
More messages are flowing to 'politicos' from fewer people thanks to grassroots organizers.
Voters should send a clear message with their ballots in the December elections to all the 'politicos' and political parties: enough is enough.
Why do Scottish 'politicos' think ‘public ownership’ a blessing?
Has anyone ever calculated the follow-through rate when prominent 'politicos' call for a Constitutional amendment?
The pro-US political consensus here that's so prevalent it's almost invisible - it's just the default for career minded 'politicos' .
These 'politicos' may specialize in polling, campaign advertising, or campaign management.
Yet here he is, waffling like 'politicos' the world over.
Tales of disrespect by GOP 'politicos' towards blacks is common and well-known.
Ever wish you could put the entire gaggle of right-wing pundits and 'politicos' on a ship and send them packing to a distant land?
Maybe the 'politicos' in the White House should have thought of that before they switched off their brains and switched on the slime machine back in July.
Pennsylvania's GOP 'politicos' have taken the art of line-drawing to a whole new level
First, blog ads are a good way to alert 'politicos' outside your district to the national importance of your race.
India a 'politico-economic opportunity' for Asia Pacific: Envoy
Bengal politicos get drenched in colours of Holi for votes
Kerala polls: How top 10 politicos stack up
Constitution a politico-legal document reflecting people's aspirations, SC told
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