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Lie-detector technology has moved on from cumbersome polygraphs that measure physiological responses to questions.
a machine designed to detect and record changes in physiological characteristics, such as a person's pulse and breathing rates, used especially as a lie detector.
translation of 'polygraph'
बहुलिपिक, (यंत्र) जिससे अनेक प्रतिलिपियाँ तैयार की जाती है,
बहुत से ग्रंथो का रचयिता
And Johnny Skakel, his brother, who was one of those witnesses, was tested by polygraph and passed the 'polygraph' .
And the prosecutors still argued that my client was guilty when they knew he passed the 'polygraph' .
He invented a lie-detecting machine called the 'polygraph' .
Given the 'polygraph' 's dubious record, resistance to the lie detector has started to stir.
She could take and pass a 'polygraph' with flying colors because she may really have no knowledge about his whereabouts.
Mechanical activity was recorded on a 'polygraph' via isometric transducers.
He did not invent the 'polygraph' , but he did design the Backster control question technique, called the zone technique.
One was setting up a 'polygraph' , laying out the lie detector's telltale wires and cords.
And he passed the 'polygraph' , but he was a suspect and then they eliminated him.
Depending on the mode of recording, the signal has to be amplified for feeding a 'polygraph' or digitized for recording on hard disk.
The subject was asked to stand up immediately and changes in the heart rate were noted in the 'polygraph' .
But the snitch failed a 'polygraph' and Guandique passed one.
The results suggest that fMRI may one day prove a more accurate lie detector than the 'polygraph' .
Also, apparently, he took a polygraph, but one of the things that was omitted from the statement was whether or not he passed the 'polygraph' .
But during her 'polygraph' examination, the machine showed that her perspiration and skin resistance were abnormal.
I think it's important that people know they passed the 'polygraph' ; that this little girl is in danger.
But as to that man's claims, I understand also his representative says he passed a 'polygraph' .
if he passed the 'polygraph', of course, it would authenticate his story
Also within the Shaughnessy affidavit are details of 'polygraph' - lie detector - evidence which throws the entire prosecution theory into chaos.
Objective responses are recorded on a 'polygraph' trace.
Well, I tell you what - No.1, 'polygraphs' , truth detectors, lie detectors are not allowed in the courts, even down there in Aruba.
They've gone in and they've passed the 'polygraphs' , and they've done the right thing.
Several of the family members have taken 'polygraphs' .
Guilty people can also beat 'polygraphs' by suppressing their physiological reactions with the help of mental countermeasures such as meditation or physical ones such as drugs.
Dr Zuhair Bandar and his team at Manchester Metropolitan University say the system has already proved more accurate than traditional 'polygraphs' .
What's wrong with letting members of Congress take 'polygraphs' ?
Now the only thing we know about 'polygraphs' is if you pass the first one, you don't get a second one.
There's a specific code section that says 'polygraphs' aren't admissible.
Chart speed was 5 mm/sec, and 'polygraphic' records were scored by hand.
We've initiated 'polygraphs' , we've initiated very tight security.
Pathankot attack: Abducted SP to face polygraph test
Make stand clear on polygraphy, court tells Tytler
Commissioner appointed to observe 1984 riot witness' polygraph test
Conclude 1984 riot witness' polygraph test by month-end: Court
Polygraph test of 1984 riots witness postponed
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