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a realistic portrayal of war
a depiction of someone or something in a work of art or literature.
translation of 'portrayal'
तसवीर खींचना,
Made in 1969, its 'portrayal' of the Korean war was a thinly disguised reference to the contemporaneous conflict in Vietnam.
The book has been inspiration for both Cavanagh's production and Dibblee's 'portrayal' .
What saves the film, without doubt, is Ben Kingsley's 'portrayal' of Fagin, which is brilliant.
The staff called Cheshire to complain because of the film's 'portrayal' of President Bush.
a realistic 'portrayal' of war
the media 'portrayal' of immigration
This is the best way I can praise this lady for a super 'portrayal' .
a realistic 'portrayal' of war
I had to cast aside my objections to the 'portrayal' of some stereotypes.
For years George Cole has delighted TV and film audiences with his 'portrayal' of cheeky conmen.
Figure 5 is a 'portrayal' of what we think is occurring.
Without a doubt, Boys Don't Cry is the most devastating 'portrayal' of violence done to women I have ever seen in a film.
Put simply, the David against Goliath scenario does not necessarily represent an accurate 'portrayal' of the real conflict.
Michael Schultz showed less refinement in his 'portrayal' of William.
A little more delineation between the two sides of the character would have further advanced what was a fair 'portrayal' .
his 'portrayal' of the title character
the media 'portrayal' of immigration
William Shatner won for his 'portrayal' of Denny Crane in Boston Legal.
Audiences are delighted by her 'portrayal' of Brooks' crochety attitude.
He was best known for his 'portrayal' of fatherly roles in many TV dramas.
his 'portrayal' of the title character
In the title role, Campbell Scott gives a wonderfully compelling 'portrayal' .
Jones provides a trenchant 'portrayal' of a boy in desperate pursuit of his dreams.
Stories of vengeance and realistic 'portrayals' of contemporary life came into fashion around this time.
Individuals and organizations like the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation have made much of the lack of positive 'portrayals' of gays in media.
What they usually do, however, is to sterilise debate with caricatured 'portrayals' of evil, money-obsessed capitalists.
This was known as the ' Jim Crow ' system, named after earlier caricature 'portrayals' of blacks.
ABVP protests over Bhagat Singh's portrayal in DU book
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