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टाल देना
the visit had to be postponed for some time
cause or arrange for (something) to take place at a time later than that first scheduled.
translation of 'postpone'
मुल्तवी करना
स्थगित करना,
विलंब करना
Worries about crime led councillors to 'postpone' a decision on a leisure trail on a former railway.
Meanwhile the council is planning to 'postpone' the introduction of recycling schemes for flats.
It is important to note that the 'postponements' or adjournments were all with the consent of the appellant, as we have already observed.
Meetings have been 'postponed' for the summer months.
This suggests that the 'postponers' intend to work, but somehow get sidetracked.
And every day we read about delays, 'postponements' , difficulties in the trial, terrible security problems.
In a way, this can be expected with the number of delays, 'postponements' and redesigns the game went through.
They keep 'postponing' it, and even their promises are not being fulfilled.
These factors can easily lead to delays or 'postponements' that simply don't happen with other clients.
You observe and store up what you need, but you know, always, that you're escaping something, 'postponing' the inevitable.
One, I think the risk of 'postponing' them is greater than the risk of having them, but it's going to be a close call.
In addition, there is the Treasury pressure, acute at the moment, to look critically at all avoidable or 'postponable' expenditure (there is a war, of uncertain scope and duration, to be paid for).
As she waits on the mainland for the arrival of her fiancé, the fog rolls in, 'postponing' any traffic to or from the island that evening.
Why has every single, even remotely, controversial decision been 'postponed' until October?
The game was 'postponed' as a mark of respect.
For her, she says, having a baby in her 30s was less about 'postponing' a family for her career than meeting the right person.
Just don't mess around with 'postponing' elections on the basis of technological quibbles.
Since I actually don't know what that course is about, just who takes it, I am 'postponing' decisions.
The Prime Minister 'postponing' the announcement of the election for 24 hours was a good one as well.
Yet all this is merely 'postponing' the inevitable.
So I say to my fellow 'postponers' - be proud, be productive, be a procrastinator!
If millions of postal votes have to be verified, 'postponing' the forming of a new government - so be it.
Increasingly, the kinds of memory problems that have long been seen as inevitable with age are now thought to be avoidable - or at least 'postponable' .
The 'postponers' are those who refuse to make a decision, allowing relationships, professional commitments and finally nature to make the choice for them.
Lawyers have another two hours to file briefs for and against 'postponing' the October 7 recall.
The delays and 'postponements' could have affected our team in a bad way.
She requires several more surgeries but they have been indefinitely 'postponed' due to financial constraints.
The Institute of Health and Welfare estimates that 80 per cent of health related conditions in old age are preventable or 'postponable' if corrected in time.
Most of them keep on 'postponing' their preparations till the last day.
The men's court hearing was 'postponed' indefinitely on Tuesday.
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