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वास्तव में
the risk of default was practically zero
virtually; almost.
It seems appropriate to consider what this might mean if it is really put into effect practically .
in a practical manner.
translation of 'practically'
व्यवहार में,
व्यवहार से,
असल में,
कार्यदक्षता से,
वास्तव में
It had been empty for two years and 'practically' every door and window needed sanding and repainting.
It approached me, sussing me out: I could 'practically' see it in the corner of my eye, feel it standing behind my back.
‘He might win,’ pointed out Emmeline 'practically'
Colleges were also 'practically' empty, although the students started going back today.
It is ludicrous to have 'practically' empty vehicles belching out fumes and congesting our streets all day, all year.
His suitcase finally turned up almost a month later, but it was 'practically' empty.
This is as close to a natural brown trout water as is 'practically' possible.
Being the youngest of five, three of whom were 'practically' grown up, she felt entitled to be a nuisance to them all.
It seems appropriate to consider what this might mean if it is really put into effect 'practically' .
the place was 'practically' empty
It is 'practically' a silent movie, relying on sound effects, rather than dialogue.
If this could be effectively tackled, 'practically' all the present inadequacies would be overcome.
It would be nice to think that you could bring dust levels down to zero in a mine but it was not 'practically' possible.
They became closer and closer till they were 'practically' inseparable.
Max was moved closer to the screen, until her nose was 'practically' against the glass.
the strike lasted 'practically' a fortnight
Ben was standing close to me, so close that I had to 'practically' crane my neck to look at him.
the risk of default was 'practically' zero
I can almost hear her reciting lines from movies I 'practically' have memorized.
Open and active communication lines are, in 'practically' every case, essential to the health of a long term alliance.
I was so close to my dorm I could 'practically' taste it when someone stepped out in front of me.
Part of him finds it ironic that she's been so close all this time, 'practically' a neighbor.
He face was so close to hers that she could 'practically' feel the warmth from it.
How to respond to it 'practically' in a war that does not respect borders?
the place was 'practically' empty
They had lived there for nearly two decades, and Stephen had spent 'practically' all of his academic life at the university.
The whinnying was becoming louder, and the marching was 'practically' drumming through her brain, it was so close.
the law isn't unreasonable or 'practically' inconvenient
This means, come summer on the Stubai Glacier, the slopes are 'practically' empty.
The park was 'practically' empty on its opening day so we just kept riding round and round on the coaster as no one was waiting for our seats.
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