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he had taken the precaution of seeking legal advice
a measure taken in advance to prevent something dangerous, unpleasant, or inconvenient from happening.
translation of 'precaution'
You'd been checking yourself every day, as a matter of course, as a 'precaution' .
he had taken the 'precaution' of seeking legal advice
The sisters have even gone to the 'precaution' of popping their valuables into the boot and they've still been stolen.
Keep your seatbelt fastened at all times when seated as an extra 'precaution' in case of unexpected turbulence.
Of course I took the 'precaution' of turning my light off first, and it was a lucky thing I did.
He will sign the act; it is a necessary 'precaution' and the only course of action possible at this time.
The action has been taken as a veterinary 'precaution' against the spread of foot and mouth infection.
No one was injured during the incident but staff were evacuated as a 'precaution' while firefighters made the area safe.
As a 'precaution' against the disease lingering, quick lime was poured into the graves.
Both boys were taken to York Hospital and have been put on a course of penicillin as a 'precaution' .
he had taken the 'precaution' of seeking legal advice
The government is purchasing and storing medicines and vaccines as a 'precaution' against future attacks.
Moving the transfer date was a sensible 'precaution' against anticipated insurgent attacks.
Armed officers had been used as a 'precaution' in case anyone was inside.
We must always take the correct 'precautionary' measures to assure the safety of our children.
Follow all necessary safety 'precautions' and turn the laser on.
Other high-risk procedures, including endotracheal intubation and bronchoscopy, also require special 'precautions' .
We do all sorts of 'precautionary' things to give ourselves a sense of control.
Working online without taking these necessary security 'precautions' is simply asking for trouble.
We are therefore distributing a list of common-sense 'precautionary' safety measures.
On another occasion, I was much more inclined to resist a 'precautionary' procedure.
Because your shoulder girdle is an injury-prone area, take the following extra safety 'precautions' when performing overhead presses.
Direct telescope viewing is not recommended, since special 'precautions' must be taken to avoid permanent eye damage.
Many of these fatalities and injuries could have been prevented if proper safety 'precautions' were taken.
In particular, the building has inadequate fire 'precautions' and no provision for thermal insulation.
They're safe if you follow the 'precautions' on the label, which suggest ventilating your work area.
There will be a 'precautionary' inspection at Southwell at 7.30 am tomorrow to decide if racing can go ahead there.
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