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These might look ordinary trees, but they are in fact a very special present from the governor of the Nara prefecture in Japan.
a district under the government of a prefect.
translation of 'prefecture'
प्राध्‍यक्ष या प्रशासक का पद अथव उसकी अवधि,
प्राध्‍यक्ष का निवासस्‍थान
These might look ordinary trees, but they are in fact a very special present from the governor of the Nara 'prefecture' in Japan.
The AM signal is heard throughout the island 'prefecture' - and beyond.
In 1905 the islands were ‘incorporated’ into the Japanese Empire, when the Governor of Shimane 'prefecture' stated that the islands were under the juristiction of the Shimane prefectural government.
The island 'prefecture' of Okinawa has the most centenarians per population, and the official attributed this to the subtropical climate.
Her inquiries included evidence being laid before the judge at first instance of correspondence between herself and appropriate medical authorities in the 'prefecture' that included Salonika and her village and areas.
Nagano Prefecture was brought into the limelight with the successful 1998 Winter Olympics which were held at various locations in the 'prefecture' .
But first an application has to be made to the local 'prefecture' (police authority) with a mountain of paperwork involved.
Takamatsu, in the 'prefecture' of Kagawa, on the island of Shikoku, to the south of Japan is to noodle lovers what Mecca is to Muslims.
One of his first tasks after buying a dilapidated farmhouse in the Chiba 'prefecture' , about 60 miles east of Tokyo, was to build a huge wooden bathtub.
The 'prefecture' will stop using workshops for industrial production, and settlers in the General Building of the General Zhang Aiping will be relocated.
Typhoon Khanun was located about 70 kilometers south of Miyako Island in the 'prefecture' as of 3 p.m. Saturday and was heading northwest at 25 km per hour, the agency said.
To avoid the name calling that a woman would probably receive at a horse fair, he got permission from the 'prefecture' of police to dress in men's clothing.
The Okinawa 'prefecture' was in fact under direct U.S. military administration from 1945 to 1972, when it was handed over to the Japanese.
But even so France was left with a vast surplus of grand edifices, mainly ecclesiastical, that were empty and could be converted into the 'prefectures' , town halls, museums, and barracks required by the new regime.
The country is divided into 47 'prefectures' , each with a governor.
There are forty-three ordinary prefectures, three metropolitan 'prefectures' with special administrative powers, and one administrative region for the northernmost island.
The snag is that running a music festival miles from anywhere doesn't come cheap, even with generous subsidies from the 'prefectural' coffers.
Of the country's (Japan's) 47 'prefectures' , 44 are net recipients of government subsidies.
Special prizes will also be given to ten contestants who will move on to promote tourism at the 'prefectural' level.
Some roads were blocked off due to mudslides in Kochi Prefecture, and about 1200 houses in Kagawa and nearby 'prefectures' on Shikoku were left without electricity, Kyodo News reported.
The quake was most strongly felt in Aomori and Iwate, the two farthest-north 'prefectures' on Japan's main island of Honshu.
The idea seems to be catching on: the new 'prefectural' subway system, Oedo-sen, began wrapping their cars with ads last September.
China has five major autonomous regions, which include 30 autonomous 'prefectures' and 120 autonomous counties.
I can negotiate at provincial and 'prefectural' level, and bring these levels into dialogue with one another.
In 1995, the State Council offered two pension scheme designs for the municipal and 'prefectural' governments to choose from.
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