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the behavior is prejudicial to good order and discipline
harmful to someone or something; detrimental.
translation of 'prejudicial'
पक्षपात उत्पन्न करनेवाला
Did any of the background dirt about the doctor come before the jury, or was it ruled 'prejudicial' ?
They had infiltrated a military airfield, and this was regarded as 'prejudicial' to the state's interests.
So in that sense there is no problems with saying things which might be 'prejudicial' in front of the jury.
Its probative value outweighs the 'prejudicial' effect it might have on the trial of the Defendant.
There is all this evidence which can be brought out from her which is highly 'prejudicial' to you, but you take those chances.
The letter also contained references to drugs and matters that would have been 'prejudicial' to the appellant.
What was excised was irrelevant or 'prejudicial' material that did not go before the jury.
In any event I think it plain that he did have a 'prejudicial' interest and that neither he nor the council could reasonably have taken a different view.
As the paragraph was extremely 'prejudicial' , the appellants should have had the opportunity of replying to it.
It is said that the remark about being a troublemaker was so highly 'prejudicial' to the defendant that the trial should not have continued.
So a stay that would last indefinitely would be presumptively 'prejudicial' to the plaintiff.
The 'prejudicial' effect on the jury would have been enormous.
No doubt you were prepared to disclose that piece of advice because you did not think it particularly 'prejudicial' to your client's case.
The Compromise fostered a climate in which majority voting 'prejudicial' to the interests of a particular State tended to be avoided.
Who, then, is to determine what is and what is not 'prejudicial' to the safety and interests of the State?
They do not include, of course, a mere busybody who is interfering in things which do not concern him: but they do include a person who has a genuine grievance because an order has been made which 'prejudicially' affects his interests.
Further, the marketability of the land is severely 'prejudicially' affected by the Main Action.
Anyone who can be 'prejudicially' affected by a decision must be given notice in writing of the intended action.
Without a singular objective truth - how can a judgment be made as to which privileged tradition will prevail and which will be 'prejudicially' forced to yield?
I hope this helps to reassure patients that we have an open, positive attitude to complaints and to suggest patients may be dealt with 'prejudicially' is just scaremongering and will cause unnecessary concern for our patients.
Zimbabwe decries Trump's 'prejudicial' statement on Africa
NCLAT highlights prejudicial and oppressive acts against Cyrus Mistry
Centre cites 'links' of Abdullah to activities prejudicial to public order
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