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his preoccupation with politics
the state or condition of being preoccupied or engrossed with something.
translation of 'preoccupation'
मानसनिक व्यस्तता
What Chaterji found disconcerting was the time consuming 'preoccupation' with technology.
their main 'preoccupation' was how to feed their families
The state's increasing 'preoccupation' with how we raise our children risks penalising the poorest parents
I'm quite conscious that 'preoccupation' with the past can also be a way of absolving oneself of present obligations.
The saving grace of the past few days has been my 'preoccupation' with a new geeky toy, a DVD recorder.
There is both an institutional and individual 'preoccupation' with measurement of performance.
The contemporary 'preoccupation' with self is not so much a reflection of the moral decadence of our age as a pitiful search for identity.
The renewed 'preoccupation' with design is understandable, given a little history.
The real escalation is in our narcissistic 'preoccupation' with ourselves.
Moreover, Lyly's 'preoccupation' with mistaken identity may have influenced Shakespeare.
I asked some moments ago what connection you see between the conciseness of your poems and their 'preoccupation' with pain.
Sometimes I find this 'preoccupation' with what's happening now really frustrating.
Even so, he is surprised to have survived so long in such a demanding position, given the modern 'preoccupation' with hiring and firing.
Despite this 'preoccupation' with finding evil, they are able to recognize the good in anyone or anything.
his 'preoccupation' with politics
his 'preoccupation' with politics
their main 'preoccupation' was how to feed their families
The writer himself was well aware of the divided critical opinion about his work and his endless 'preoccupation' with the darker side of life.
It seems likely that the writer's 'preoccupation' with chances missed and stories lost has this absence at its heart.
Given the current 'preoccupation' with the risks associated with driving, these proposals come as little surprise.
Creative people need to be encouraged to think far more about their audience's needs, and far less about their own 'preoccupations' .
The main issues discussed in the volume reflect the 'preoccupations' of the fields of business and economic history.
Such 'preoccupations' are bound to be bad for you, aren't they?
In conversation, Miller seems fully attentive to the present and its 'preoccupations' .
Much more interesting is the fact that Larkin waited so confidently for his methods and 'preoccupations' to come into focus.
Man Listening To Disc and Marginalia are creepily accurate portrayals of aspects of my two main 'preoccupations' .
Paolozzi shares many of the Surrealists' 'preoccupations' , in particular an interest in the power of dolls and mannequins.
Not the least of the nation's 'preoccupations' in the present situation concerns the demonisation of the particular communities.
These themes show the 'preoccupations' of both virus writers and those they are targeting with their malicious code, Cluley reckons.
This time, his stated 'preoccupations' are impossible to ignore.
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