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more preparatory work is needed
serving as or carrying out preparation for a task or undertaking.
translation of 'preparatory'
आरंभ का,
तैयार करनेवाला,
Students can choose to spend the second three years either in a 'preparatory' program or in vocational training.
A like-for-like, three-year comparison between 'preparatory' and state schools is not possible.
The college 'preparatory' program readies students for university study.
After the age of sixteen, students choose between vocational and college 'preparatory' training.
Agriculture and economic policy have their own special 'preparatory' committees.
Johnston is already on site carrying out 'preparatory' works and construction will begin immediately.
He is in a college 'preparatory' program in Drummondville, studying science.
The delays have been caused by the complex 'preparatory' work being undertaken at the site.
He was speaking during the preliminary 'preparatory' meeting for the official launch of the project on May 13.
The mixed independent 'preparatory' day school is building four new classrooms and a specialist support classroom.
Children begin school in kindergarten and attend elementary, 'preparatory' , and secondary school.
The decision was not an easily taken one as the committee had put in quite a bit of 'preparatory' work so far.
The contractor can, on the basis of the letter of intent, commence the preliminary 'preparatory' work.
The spokeswoman said that contractors were now on site carrying out early 'preparatory' work, and plans were in hand to close the gap within the next few weeks.
She did 'preparatory' research for the committee's work and took part in the process of discussing and drafting the proposed law that this paper analyses.
At the ceremony speakers referred to the importance and significance of inaugurating the 'preparatory' committee.
I know that they have been carrying out the 'preparatory' work to effect the repairs needed.
With regard to interview transcripts, the Judge said that ‘that could certainly await the 'preparatory' hearing’.
Children's education goes through primary, 'preparatory' , and secondary stages.
It was due for completion by May 2005 but so far only 'preparatory' work has been carried out and no hearings have taken place.
Some 'preparatory' or junior schools also offer scholarships, but awards for children under the age of seven are rare.
Brian was therefore sent to a 'preparatory' school on the south coast as a boarder.
All those involved have undertaken intensive 'preparatory' training.
Only 5 percent of students take a college 'preparatory' course in secondary school.
The administration is not serious in carrying out the 'preparatory' work needed for the enforcement of the bylaw.
A new head teacher has taken over at an independent 'preparatory' school in Ilkley.
At a 'preparatory' hearing he raised possible defences of duress, necessity and public interest.
The 'preparatory' committee has been overwhelmed by the interest shown by exhibitors.
Following this, they may opt for either one year of college 'preparatory' study or vocational training.
Volunteers are required to carry out the 'preparatory' work.
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