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a prestigious academic post
inspiring respect and admiration; having high status.
translation of 'prestigious'
असर डालनेवाला,
We hope that this will be the first of many such 'prestigious' awards for this fine young athlete.
It is the view of many that 'prestigious' galleries should be in high profile city centre establishments.
Just a few short months ago I was thrilled to be awarded a column in a 'prestigious' newspaper.
I wish him the very best of luck as he takes up one of the most 'prestigious' positions in Irish sport.
The house itself is located in one of the most 'prestigious' housing estates in the county.
The group also acquired two 'prestigious' watering holes among a dozen pubs and hotels earlier this year.
The success of these schools can be attributed to the 'prestigious' status accorded to Spanish.
It seemed that another 'prestigious' name was set to become part of history.
This was the first time the 'prestigious' event has ever been held in Northern Ireland.
It is the first time ever that the winner of this 'prestigious' race was trained in the Kingdom.
Boston is home to one of the most 'prestigious' regattas that North America has to offer.
For some it was a massive publicity coup for the county town to host such a 'prestigious' event.
The report from a 'prestigious' international agency is another valuable propaganda tool.
He is set to take on the most 'prestigious' daily newspaper job in Scotland.
A pair of teachers have won their way through to the national finals of a 'prestigious' awards ceremony.
It also plans to exhibit the poster at various other 'prestigious' places in the country.
It will be broadcast in the 'prestigious' Masterpiece Theatre slot from Sunday.
We should be proud that our public servants are favourites for several 'prestigious' awards this year.
Dog groomers from Keighley had reason to smile when they scooped two first prizes at a 'prestigious' event.
Two brave bobbies have been honoured for their courage at a 'prestigious' award ceremony in London.
Quite odd you're already so 'prestigiously' looked at, being only thirty-four years old, and one of the richest men in the world.
Undoubtedly, the Acqua e Sapone rider has a good time-trial pedigree, having already won twice against the clock this year - at the UNIQA Classic and, more 'prestigiously' , the Tour of Belgium.
Gabriel stopped at the bottom of the stairs to take in the 'prestigiously' clean basement.
She carried herself 'prestigiously' and with a grace possessed only by a seasoned warrior.
Usually they would not have been so openly welcomed, walking so gracefully and 'prestigiously' down the opposing clan's pathway.
Although his short, unruly brown hair shook as he stood cautiously from his seated position, his deep brown suit that he wore 'prestigiously' took all the eyes away from it.
It's lucky for the newlyweds that their wedding took place in this century; otherwise, it might not have been so 'prestigiously' hailed as Spain's ‘Wedding of the Century’.
Therefore, in order to operate his attack and mockery towards these so-called heroes who might be leaders of a country or people of 'prestigiousness' , without any restriction the satirist uses symbols.
You spend any time with him and you realize he is a 'prestigiously' talented person with an extraordinary record.
An unremarkable series, but executive producer Lee Rich went on to employ his two lead actors more 'prestigiously' in later years, casting Hagman in his supersoap Dallas and Mills in its spin-off Knots Landing.
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