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मुमकिन है
the Yakima Indians presumably came from Asia by way of the Bering Strait
used to convey that what is asserted is very likely though not known for certain.
translation of 'presumably'
मुमकिन है,
अनुमान से,
संभव है
Since this film is being made in Hollywood, 'presumably' its main audience will be American.
it was not yet ten o'clock, so 'presumably' the boys were still at the pub
The morphine sounds ominous, but it was 'presumably' to alleviate the ski injury.
He will also be a star of Romeo And Juliet - which 'presumably' means making more love?
If monetary policy were inappropriate, 'presumably' risks would never be in balance.
Then, 'presumably' , the state will be drafted back in to provide further subsidies.
At least if we were all locked in, we 'presumably' didn't have to be Houdini to get out.
It is for that reason that you would 'presumably' assert a right to be heard this morning?
This week dozens of framed prints were on sale elsewhere, 'presumably' bankrupt stock.
the Yakima Indians 'presumably' came from Asia by way of the Bering Strait
That we hear not even a peep from him is 'presumably' due to the fact that too many sponsors and cronies are in on the great land scam.
Rewriting of history for bellicose use can also, 'presumably' , be a very fine art.
No protest at these inconsistencies, so 'presumably' no one has a right to now.
The series was then filmed in Warsaw, 'presumably' because costs were lower there.
He 'presumably' sees nothing wrong in using the police for propaganda purposes.
Persistent attempts to do so would 'presumably' earn him the red card of expulsion from the chamber.
Motorcyclists are vulnerable at all times and 'presumably' use the roads in full knowledge of this.
The lift wouldn't work, 'presumably' because it was too heavy, being gold plated and all.
At least four panels and two small decorations are missing, 'presumably' destroyed.
Whether it was easier to shop is arguable, because 'presumably' the number of staff are also at a minimum.
This club could attract people into the late evening and 'presumably' the early hours of the morning.
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