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the presumption of guilt has changed to a presumption of innocence
an act or instance of taking something to be true or adopting a particular attitude toward something, especially at the start of a chain of argument or action.
he lifted her off the ground and she was enraged at his presumption
behavior perceived as arrogant, disrespectful, and transgressing the limits of what is permitted or appropriate.
translation of 'presumption'
Clearly if a 'presumption' of undue influence is successfully raised the bank will find it almost impossible to rebut in the light of Peter's deception.
Presumption of innocence relates to charges in criminal proceedings, and that 'presumption' of innocence applies.
We will have changed the 'presumption' from the idea that the Internet is not regulated to one that it is regulated.
he lifted her off the ground, and she was enraged at his 'presumption'
It is one thing to seek to excuse Machiavelli's cynicism and cruelty on the grounds that he was a man of his time - a victim as well as an architect of Renaissance arrogance and 'presumption' .
I find fault with this 'presumption' ; it disrespects the chasm.
The notion of escape from the present is ubiquitous in these works, consistent with the 'presumption' underlying the idea of Utopia as a place of retreat from the present world.
It is not right to say that there is a 'presumption' in favour of reinstatement with the burden on the defendant to show that it would not be reasonable.
Those kids worked to get where they are, remember, and modern educational theory won't stand for that sort of upstart 'presumption' .
There is a very strong national policy 'presumption' in favour of its restoration.
I do not think that it is helpful in this context, therefore, to regard the 'presumption' in favour of the development plan as a governing or paramount one.
An article here sums up pretty well my own response to such outrageous 'presumption' .
the planning policy shows a general 'presumption' in favor of development
the 'presumption' of innocence
Even in this day and age, 'presumption' and self-importance have their limits!
It is at this point that the requirement of substantial grounds for a disqualifying apprehension of bias and the strong 'presumption' of judicial impartiality are applicable.
In a disappointing development for women's groups, the proposals on rape will not affect the burden of proof or the 'presumption' of the defendant's innocence.
I venture to think, however, that when he cast the onus on the purchaser, he had in mind no more than that the facts would give rise to an evidential 'presumption' of wrongdoing.
I can't convince people there is a God and I really have no desire to, except in moments of arrogant 'presumption' that somehow my knowledge is better than that of others.
With the overturning of existing criminal law restrictions, however, the basis for the 'presumption' that abortions were done for health-related reasons has been eroded.
he lifted her off the ground and she was enraged at his 'presumption'
What ever happened to the hoary but irrebuttable common law 'presumption' of legitimacy for children born within marriage?
Nevertheless, it does create a 'presumption' in favour of conservation and long-term sustainability, and the parties must apply it accordingly.
However, at paragraphs 9 and 10 the inspector introduced an evidential 'presumption' in favour of the map.
A breathtaking and galling 'presumption' - after all that we have gone through this last decade or so.
I would reject the submission that there should be a 'presumption' in favour of the custodial parent in applications to vary custody and access resulting from relocation of the custodial parent.
The judges, having to face the problem of what would be the circumstances in which the 'presumption' of malice would be negatived, went on two lines, duty and interest and the public good and for the public interest.
There is, therefore, a 'presumption' in favour of the appeal proposal under S54A unless other material considerations indicate otherwise.
The reflexive hostility that some of his defenders have shown toward his accuser therefore exhibits no fidelity to the 'presumption' of innocence.
However, there is a 'presumption' in favour of the right of States to enter reservations unless the instrument expressly states to the contrary.
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