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it is hard for logic to prevail over emotion
prove more powerful than opposing forces; be victorious.
the unfavorable prevailing economic conditions
existing at a particular time; current.
translation of 'prevailing'
प्रबल होनेवाला,
प्राधान्य होनेवाला,
The visitors were giving an exhibition of how not to play with a 'prevailing' storm.
Return might be the hideous height of his 'prevailing' good intentions.
An order to sell your shares at the 'prevailing' market price.
Among the patrons in theater lobbies each summer, the 'prevailing' accent is (accents are) American.
Reciprocity has been the 'prevailing' view for most of the nation's history.
Open source software is often portrayed as a breakthrough in the free and open exchange of intellectual property, without precedent in the 'prevailing' global capitalist mentality.
Second, the direction of dispersal could have been biased by 'prevailing' oceanographic configurations.
There is nearly always good refuge to fish in any 'prevailing' winds.
Wilson, like Attlee, nailed his colours to the 'prevailing' exchange rate.
The other 'prevailing' stereotype, that crack-using women are unfit mothers, was in a sense upheld by the women themselves.
However, they also participated in the passionate nationalism 'prevailing' at the time.
Mr McCarthy also attributed the increased demand to current economic situation 'prevailing' in Zimbabwe.
Bukey's interpretation of Austria's annexation to Germany largely follows the 'prevailing' view.
Under the 'prevailing' view, talented people can naturally expect greater income.
Rather, the original decision is a more accurate reflection of the attitudes 'prevailing' in senior government circles.
By poking holes, lots of holes, in the 'prevailing' theories of today.
Composers were encouraged to explore modes of expression compatible with the 'prevailing' revolutionary mood.
Steve Trewhella There were a number of non-native, pelagic marine visitors to our coast during the 'prevailing' autumn winds.
Critical opinion of his work has undergone the vicissitudes of 'prevailing' tastes in art.
Following the collapse of Reza Shah's dictatorship, with the new conditions 'prevailing' , a large group of political prisoners were released.
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