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translation of 'preventative'
निरोधक (व्‍यक्ति, कार्य, औषधि)
Treatments include 'preventative' medicines and those for use in acute attacks.
They aim to have a 'preventative' medication on the market by mid next year.
They learn about condoms, as a 'preventative' against disease, not pregnancy, for obvious reasons.
For those drinking three to four cups of coffee per day the 'preventative' effect was even greater.
Do the best for your cats and kittens by taking them to a vet for 'preventative' vaccinations.
As part of 'preventative' maintenance, periodic checks of the endoscopes are done.
Along with the Netherlands, it has applied to the EU to start 'preventative' vaccination of domestic birds in some areas.
One way is by ensuring that your pet is on a monthly parasite 'preventative' .
Remember that the 'preventative' drugs for malaria need to be continued for one month after leaving the malarial region.
Non-medical advice to take Ciprofloxacin, for example, as a 'preventative' is totally wrong.
She would like to become an equine practitioner specializing in 'preventative' medicine.
There needs to be a massive shift in the health care system from treatment to 'preventative' care.
Granger's framework can be seen as a 'preventative' in minimizing the use of meaningless correlations.
All three companies maintain that antibiotics are no longer administered 'preventatively' .
Or should you bother, if some of the 'preventatives' have potentially alarming side-effects?
Most producers in South America manage this disease 'preventatively' now because fields with significant rust development were not well controlled earlier with applications.
Several of these herbs can be used 'preventatively' , and are listed as so.
Treatments are not intended to be used as 'preventatives' .
‘Rather than waiting for children to become poisoned and then trying to deal with it,’ she says, ‘we should 'preventatively' test homes.’
In one story on calcium channel blockers - hypertension 'preventatives' - the media overdramatized the drugs' risks.
Veterinarians from across the country report that dog owners have trouble remembering to give monthly heartworm 'preventatives' as prescribed.
Perfect for weight loss charms and acne 'preventatives' .
We had it in some of our rough areas and green banks, but we treated all the fairways, greens and tees 'preventatively' .
At the same time, last weekend the UN admitted that HIV infection (passed on mainly through sexual activity) is spreading worldwide, despite the use of 'preventatives' and precautions (such as use of condoms).
Fungicides also can be an effective management tool for diseases when applied 'preventatively' .
And, as we might imagine, Florida state government officials are regularly offered new supposed cures and 'preventatives' .
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