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He is the first prison inmate to become a candidate for ordination to the priesthood in the Episcopal Church.
the office or position of a priest.
translation of 'priesthood'
पुजारी का पद,
पुरोहित का पद
The decision to ordain me to the 'priesthood' was made because they needed a priest for West Point.
Eddie was a member of the De La Salle order before joining the Diocesan 'priesthood' .
Our congregations as a gathered 'priesthood' meet for the purpose of being equipped for mission in the world.
Marriage is a commitment to another person; 'priesthood' is a commitment to a role in the church.
Both of them were priests, although Paudie later left the 'priesthood' , and took up a position as a teacher in Sligo.
there was relief among the Anglican 'priesthood'
How could they have such an argument with someone who does not believe in religion or in 'priesthood' ?
This year eight men will be ordained in Ireland to the 'priesthood' of the Catholic Church.
Fr Frank was ordained to the 'priesthood' on June 20 1954.
The average age for someone entering the 'priesthood' now is well in the forties.
The next generation of women, they said, would not face such barriers to the 'priesthood' .
Martin Luther's notion of the 'priesthood' of all believers is particularly helpful here.
Many years ago I felt the first stirring of a vocation to the 'priesthood' .
Sir Stuart expected 240 men to join the 'priesthood' , plus around 220 women.
In a bid to attract men to the 'priesthood' , the Catholic Church here is increasingly tapping into the Internet.
A diocesan spokesman, however, said neither man was on the track for the 'priesthood' .
These were followed by many more vocations to the religious life and to the 'priesthood' .
The position of the church is that ordination to the 'priesthood' makes one a priest forever.
Esler, a practising Catholic, says: " People aren't entering the 'priesthood' .
About half those in training for the 'priesthood' are now women.
Quiet and gentle, she had a strong faith throughout her life and had a great loyalty to the church and the 'priesthood' .
Garrett's main argument for congregationalism is the 'priesthood' of all believers.
the ordination of women to the 'priesthood'
I doubt if the model of 'priesthood' represented by Don Ignazio can survive these changes.
I myself was a field doctor in the war before entering the 'priesthood' .
He prepared for the 'priesthood' in the Anglican Church at St Stephen's House, gaining a First in Theology.
Catholics typically have a very high esteem for priests and the 'priesthood' .
Women were admitted to the 'priesthood' in the Church of England in 1996.
For some time after its foundation, Manly was the only seminary in Australia preparing students for the secular 'priesthood' .
Most of the sons of the Hindu priests are not entering the 'priesthood' , as they no longer find it remunerative.
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