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prioritize your credit card debt
designate or treat (something) as more important than other things.
It's important to 'prioritize' the daily deluge of information, demands and requests that you get at work and at home.
They also 'prioritize' their goals: Safety first, smooth and predictable maneuvers and precise flying.
age affects the way people 'prioritize' their goals
With a tool to organize and 'prioritize' all of your lead management tasks, following up with potential customers can be a real pleasure.
Times like these, if they do nothing else, help us put things in perspective and prompt us to 'prioritize' those things that are most important to us.
'prioritize' your credit card debt
Such analyses were considered important to 'prioritize' community needs and help community-based interventions.
the department has failed to 'prioritize' safety within the oil industry
are you able to 'prioritize'?
Long-term investors 'prioritize' fundamentals and recognize that technical factors play an important role.
Be sure to task 'prioritize' for each phase of flight, which means perform the correct action at the correct time.
This more sober assessment is in some ways a good discipline, for it forces us to 'prioritize' our efforts and insist on real, measurable success.
The government must 'prioritize' its competing national goals.
So we're trying the best that we can to 'prioritize' according to need and accessibility, but certainly it will be weeks and months to come of relief efforts.
Pharmacy students should learn to 'prioritize' and complete tasks systematically.
Jot down your concerns and 'prioritize' them from most important to least.
The assigned weights essentially 'prioritize' the various criteria to be evaluated, in a numerical manner.
age affects the way people 'prioritize' their goals
Time was the key and in essence tasks had to be 'prioritized' in the order of importance.
On most Web schedules, it's critical that design energy is 'prioritized' and focused.
He cautioned that there is a need for 'prioritisation' of services in order to meet the growing needs of families who are heavily burdened in their task of constant care giving for their family members with significant disabilities.
It is also proposed to develop a Regional Advisory Panel including older people, carers, voluntary and statutory sectors, service providers to advise on planning and 'prioritisation' of services.
Though it does not hide its views on political issues, the group has stressed that it 'prioritizes' culture over politics.
He explained, however, that the allocations for administration and general expenses of the tourism State agencies have been reduced somewhat which will require greater savings and 'prioritisation' in operations next year.
The first segment of this session will explore the role of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in 'prioritizing' the health and safety of workers.
But it's important to 'prioritise' financial commitments in these circumstances.
He will reveal his plans, which 'prioritise' public safety, as part of an announcement on justice reform at Holyrood on Tuesday.
‘You have to understand how consumers are 'prioritising' the benefit of each product,’ Lazaridis thinks.
It is important to 'prioritise' good news stories and to release these stories and progress of positive and worthy projects into the public domain.
Inspector Chris Martin, head of the medical squad, said their first task was to 'prioritise' the injured for when the air ambulance arrived.
Prioritize trial against lawmakers: SC
India should prioritize two-wheeler electrification: Study
Will prioritize medical insurance for lawyers: Prasad
CEOs must prioritize water risks in boardroom meets: Report
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