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the problematics of artificial intelligence
a thing that constitutes a problem or difficulty.
the situation was problematic for teachers
constituting or presenting a problem or difficulty.
translation of 'problematic'
शंका के योग्य
This was a show that presented the 'problematic' areas of representation of people outside of one's socio-political group.
As it is in the witness cases that the courts have most directly confronted the 'problematic' nature of psychiatric illness claims, it is with those cases that we begin.
But it is also a 'problematic' question since historical scholars have by no means come to any agreement on its answer.
The stories are all an attempt to answer Akhila's 'problematic' question: can a woman stay single and be happy at the same time?
Her analysis captures the 'problematic' nature of the self in late modernity and presents it in stark and provocative relief.
The 'problematic' nature of these terms has been discussed at length elsewhere.
Thus, the 'problematic' nature of eyewitness reports was explicitly acknowledged by the U.S. Supreme Court.
That said, no study of crime can ignore recorded criminal statistics, if only to highlight their partial and 'problematic' nature.
Perhaps the most 'problematic' aspect of contemporary nature photography is what is not in the frame.
Blurring the distinction between slave and free makes more complicated and 'problematic' the nature of legal status.
It seems to be solid enough, but it is 'problematic' and tricky, you're never as sure of it as you'd like to be.
In reality, the moral implications in such a world are no more 'problematic' or complex than they are in the current one.
But the more questions you ask about that, the more 'problematic' it becomes.
He was a pioneer in designing programmes for captive elephant care, and in the capture and control of 'problematic' animals.
Changes to the Constitution have proved somewhat 'problematic' in the past.
The 'problematic' nature of the concepts ‘Art Brut’ or ‘Outsider Art’ is once more exposed by a case such as his.
And because of the 'problematic' nature of this general metaphysics, the strategy of this discussion will have to be somewhat different.
One of the most controversial and 'problematic' aspects of globalisation is the homogenisation that tends to accompany it.
Poverty is presented as an issue of 'problematic' behaviour and low self-esteem, rather than of not having enough money.
Like people who hoard possessions, animal hoarders often lack insight into the 'problematic' nature of their behavior.
Although they have the choice of return, it would be a more 'problematic' and difficult move than for British immigrants.
The 'problematic' software programme controls the town centre traffic lights in connection with recently installed sensors.
It will do well to escape the controversy of its 'problematic' production, which has raised questions about the scrutiny afforded to public funding of film in Scotland.
Secondly, even more 'problematically' , PSA testing does not differentiate between aggressive and potentially fatal cancers, and those which might have had a benign course, never troubling their host.
Alas, in the West at least, it seems that there have been two equally 'problematical' responses to what is really a question of finding some meaning and purpose in human life.
The play is generally considered to stand alongside the work of Henry Miller for its insightful portrayal of the 'problematics' of the American dream.
It has also planned, more 'problematically' , to allow classroom assistants to take classes, in order to free up yet more teacher time.
The straight-vote system is itself deeply 'problematical' .
Gerstler's poems highlight the 'problematics' of written discourse, requiring yet thwarting the operations of both memory and understanding.
This 'problematics' , however much it touches the core of a crucial argument, ceases precisely because it is already circumscribed by legalistic notions of loyalty.
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