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रोग का निदान
the disease has a poor prognosis
the likely course of a disease or ailment.
translation of 'prognosis'
रोग का निदान,
रोग का लक्षण
Syncope is a relatively common problem with a favorable 'prognosis' in most patients.
The Commonwealth will not collapse today, and the 'prognosis' , based on Vermont's experience, is good.
Microarray analysis is already being used to predict the 'prognosis' of patients with certain types of cancer.
Advanced liver failure carries a poor 'prognosis' , and its prevalence may be reflected by mortality statistics in the form of death certifications for liver disease.
A biopsy was done and the initial 'prognosis' was optimistic.
To date, there is also little evidence to support this more grim 'prognosis' .
Therefore, 'prognosis' is often based on a presumptive or theoretical argument and/or past clinical experience.
Despite the availability of valid chemotherapeutic regimens, the 'prognosis' remains poor.
Markets remained skittish and nervous, always ready to believe the latest scare story or gloomy 'prognosis' .
The development of malignant pleural effusion frequently heralds a poor 'prognosis' .
Follow up is needed to see if the children's poor 'prognosis' is improved and criminality prevented.
They seem not to appreciate that patients may want to be given as accurate a 'prognosis' as possible despite knowing that effective treatment may not be available if more widespread disease is diagnosed.
At the NCB event RBS stressed that it did not accept the gloomy 'prognosis' for the Irish economy that is prevalent in the British media.
It is very difficult for me to give an accurate 'prognosis' .
Early intervention is important because the long term 'prognosis' depends on the duration of medication overuse.
We previously reported that young patients had relatively more advanced disease and a poorer 'prognosis' than older patients.
The gloomy 'prognosis' makes some sense because office rents and vacancies are traditionally trailing indicators of the broader economy.
Ventricular tachycardia carries a serious adverse 'prognosis' , particularly in the presence of coronary artery disease and impaired ventricular function.
If a concussion is managed appropriately, the 'prognosis' for complete recovery is good.
the disease has a poor 'prognosis'
The 'prognosis' depends on the cause and the severity of the neurologic deficit.
This rather gloomy 'prognosis' has not been entirely repudiated by critics.
Traditionally, physicians have estimated 'prognosis' using their clinical experience.
Finally he pointed out that history provides a gloomy 'prognosis' .
He suffered many medical complications and his 'prognosis' was poor.
They require highly skilled workforces and have a good longterm 'prognosis' .
The difference between chance and forecast cases is only a difference of degree, but in the latter case the medical 'prognosis' is more likely to be correct.
This isn't the first time Medicare has been given a gloomy 'prognosis' .
The factors that determine 'prognosis' and evolution of the disease are poorly understood.
Generating an accurate 'prognosis' is a difficult task under the best of conditions.
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