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the normal progression from junior to senior status
a movement or development toward a destination or a more advanced state, especially gradually or in stages.
translation of 'progression'
The absence of skips is less surprising, however, when one considers that the trend is not produced by a 'progression' within a single lineage.
their mode of 'progression' through the forest
Her story, on the larger scope, is one of dynamics with no movement, movement but no 'progression' , reaching an end that is by no means a relief.
a blues 'progression'
Even though the sets never change or move, there is still a sense of 'progression' and movement within the plays.
April continued its slow and steady 'progression' , which I wanted to speed up.
their mode of 'progression' through the forest
the vista unfolds in a 'progression' of castles and vineyards as seemingly endless as the Rhine itself
a blues 'progression'
good opportunities for career 'progression'
a steady 'progression' towards your goals
To compensate the hip joint and especially the knee has to modify its movement to maintain stability and 'progression' during walking.
With proper form and 'progression' , certain athletes may be able to descend further.
Taken as a whole, the project creates a 'progression' of refractions, a series of cleavages that structure the contraction of the landscape.
Drag forces resist both forward 'progression' and limb movements of the swimmer.
counting the twenty-four hours in a single 'progression' from midnight
the normal 'progression' from junior to senior status
There are many types of progressions, but the most commonly used are secondary 'progressions' , which ‘age’ the natal chart by one day for each year of your life.
There are some well-constructed chord 'progressions' and melodies but her music often lacks an overarching vision to hold it together.
I'll take simple rock chord 'progressions' or melodies and throw some perplexity or confusion into the mix - like adding garlic to vanilla ice cream.
Then other clients come for horaries, or for natal readings, or updating their 'progressions' .
Those Antipodeans had the same understanding of rhythmic lyrics, chord 'progressions' and harmonising melodies as Ezio.
Is it the standard mix of transits and 'progressions' ?
Taking 'progressions' and transits together, we can say with some confidence what areas of your life will be highlighted when, and how you may react to this.
They never really get soft enough, and their intonation, although solid, never contributes to the ecstasy of the positively magical chord 'progressions' the composer discovered.
Looking at 'progressions' and transits to your natal chart we see Saturn, the planet of restriction, putting some limitations on you.
The timed sequence of this method will have to be experimented upon by the adult, and this is critical, to see that natural 'progressional' speed for your individual ADD child.
Much of its punch derives from new-minted, surprising chord 'progressions' and pungent dissonance, an idiom Barber carries to the end of the setting.
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