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a continuing threat of nuclear proliferation
rapid increase in numbers.
translation of 'proliferation'
(कोषों आदि को) उत्‍पन्‍न करना,
शीघ्रता से बढ़ना (भी),
संतान में बढ़ाव,
तीव्र वृद्धि
Hence, the expansion of the number of countries led to a 'proliferation' of currencies.
The results suggested that reactivation of the silenced transgene occurs with cell 'proliferation' .
In vitro experiments on cell 'proliferation' , membrane properties, and ion channels are difficult to extrapolate to humans.
Join with allies and lead the world to crack down on nuclear 'proliferation' .
The failure of the conference makes nuclear 'proliferation' more likely and nuclear disarmament a waning hope.
As a result, a 'proliferation' of research elucidating many nuances of ethnic minority families has come to the forefront.
Our findings demonstrate increased tumor 'proliferation' at the leading-edge and lepidic regions of tumors.
One of the characteristic effects of metal poisoning, observable at an early stage, is a reduction in cell 'proliferation' and growth.
stress levels are high, forcing upon them a 'proliferation' of ailments
This muteness increases the sense of 'proliferation' in his art.
The capillary grows by degradation of the extracellular matrix and 'proliferation' of cells at the tip of the sprout.
As usual, there was a 'proliferation' of cameras, and the night seemed to be lived through a lens.
Cellular immune responses in higher eukaryotes entail specific acts of cell 'proliferation' and differentiation.
Smith said both resorts suffered from a 'proliferation' of poor quality housing, especially old guesthouses filled by the homeless.
The tumor cells showed no 'proliferation' beyond the cyst wall.
The UN is a venue for seeking consensus on global issues from nuclear 'proliferation' to poverty reduction.
The primary US interest is in checking nuclear 'proliferation' .
He wants to stop nuclear proliferation with more nuclear 'proliferation' .
a continuing threat of nuclear 'proliferation'
Stopping nuclear 'proliferation' should be the goal of every country.
At every stop, Ms. Rice focused on U.S. determination to work with other nations to stem the threat from nuclear 'proliferation' .
He also touts the CIA's record in helping to stop nuclear 'proliferation' .
The report found a 'proliferation' of poor-quality offshore companies.
There is a 'proliferation' of religious discourses centering on spirits, spirit possession, and witchcraft.
These days where there is a 'proliferation' of these missiles, they need to be defeated in another way.
The risks to be managed are mainly those of nuclear 'proliferation' .
Treaties covering nuclear 'proliferation' and nuclear testing helped to reinforce the feeling that the immediate danger of nuclear war was fading away.
stress levels are high, forcing upon them a 'proliferation' of ailments
The drug trade is also frequently implicated and is held responsible for the increasing 'proliferation' of guns throughout society.
We have a 'proliferation' of information, and we have a dearth of resources to help process and assess that information.
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