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she came to prominence as an artist in the 1960s
the state of being important or famous.
radiographs showed enlargement of the right heart with prominence of the pulmonary outflow tract
the fact or condition of standing out from something by physically projecting or being particularly noticeable.
translation of 'prominence'
बहिर्गत भाग,
आगे निकला हुआ भाग
However, he never came to 'prominence' for developing his own positions on current political questions.
They generally develop over a bony 'prominence' where soft tissue is damaged from external pressure exerted over the hard surface of the skeletal structure.
Eleanor came to 'prominence' during the 1990s with some highly acclaimed recordings.
she came to 'prominence' as an artist in the 1960s
the commission gave the case a 'prominence' which it might otherwise have escaped
They have been together since 1974, yet only came to 'prominence' in the 1990s.
radiographs showed enlargement of the right heart with 'prominence' of the pulmonary outflow tract
The new domestic program will return the focus for achieving national 'prominence' to the Senior Championships.
Why did Campbell assume such political 'prominence' and power?
From this point in his career sculpture gradually gained 'prominence' in his work.
the commission gave the case a 'prominence' which it might otherwise have escaped
As a result of this, parties tried to distinguish themselves in order to regain their 'prominence' .
Heart size and pulmonart vascular 'prominence' depend on the size of shunt.
she came to 'prominence' as an artist in the 1960s
Such scandals rarely acquire media 'prominence' of their own accord.
By the close of the 1870s, Homer had achieved national 'prominence' .
Photographs of her, looking slightly uncomfortable and bemused before disembarking, achieved equal 'prominence' .
Undeniably, mental health professionals and trauma programs have acquired a new 'prominence' in the refugee field.
Increased 'prominence' is being given to the use of best practices and program management decision-making.
The media give undue 'prominence' to such actions.
Usually a coronal mass ejection includes the eruption of a solar 'prominence' and often is accompanied by a flare.
The men who came to 'prominence' in the late 1980s were very different.
Other abnormalities noted were cardiomegaly, abnormal pulmonary vessels, and interstitial 'prominence' .
As the PDA opens, the CXR shows a slight increase in heart size and 'prominence' of central pulmonary vessels which can progress.
During this time, pressure on tissue over a bony 'prominence' may not be relieved for hours.
A Montreal native, Blain came to 'prominence' in the 1980s with her impact-heavy brand of political art and is now known around the world.
the rocky 'prominence' resembled a snow-capped mountain
He came to 'prominence' following the riot in Bradford in 1995 when he helped arrange dialogue between police and young people, setting up the Young People's Forum as a result.
And during the great dot-com boom, some highly unprofitable companies gained great 'prominence' on this measure.
The town came to 'prominence' as the capital of the Seljuk Sultans in 1076 when the Seljuks took control of Anatolia, though the area's roots go back much further.
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