English to Hindi Dictionary promulgate


प्रकाशित करना
these objectives have to be promulgated within the organization
promote or make widely known (an idea or cause).
translation of 'promulgate'
प्रख्यापन करना,
प्रवर्तन करना
एलान करना,
प्रसिद्ध करना,
घोषणा करना,
प्रकाशित करना
I am now delighted to 'promulgate' a complete fallacy, literally promoted by many international schools around the world.
There is a communication issue here, though, in trying to 'promulgate' these messages in a meaningful way to your team leaders who are at front end of the business.
The Secretary shall 'promulgate' such regulations as are necessary to carry out this Act.
The documents in question 'promulgate' the idea that no students' rights exist which trump the ‘feelings’ of others.
Alabama state law allows licensure agencies to adopt and 'promulgate' rules governing professional practices.
Pro-independence groups will request the new president in 2008 to 'promulgate' the new constitution.
It's in their interests, the pharmaceutical industry, to 'promulgate' that sort of idea on the public.
They petitioned the king to 'promulgate' the decree at once, without amendments.
Additionally, the secretary of state may 'promulgate' regulations interpreting ambiguous provisions of the act.
A law intended to guard against the spreading of false stories actually forced the national broadcaster to 'promulgate' a lie.
Their money is now being spent to 'promulgate' ideas they abhor to their own children.
The cabinet has cleared the 'promulgation' of an ordinance amending the Debt Recovery Tribunal Act to simplify the process of claims by banks and financial institutions.
A long series of negotiations ensued, resulting in a new constitution 'promulgated' into law in December 1993.
Further, changes that have been 'promulgated' to promote clarity may be incompatible with the very nature of doxology.
They are indeed good opinions, and they must be 'promulgated' by the education group if it is to have any credibility.
These consequences have yet to be understood by most physicians, not to mention the public, the media or arguably even the 'promulgators' of this impending disaster.
The Prince of Monaco was an absolute ruler until a constitution was 'promulgated' in 1911.
The 'promulgators' of the 1834 New Poor Law opposed such proposals because they still relied on the state providing men with work or support for children.
What is this ‘rote defense of liberalism’ and who are its 'promulgators' ?
Each party would be responsible for their assets' legality if the law is 'promulgated' .
While there are certainly a lot of silly stereotypes being 'promulgated' on both sides, the silent ban on expression is perhaps even more damaging.
To be fair, Howe 'promulgated' the idea of a Mother's Day in the aftermath of the American Civil War as, she intended, a contribution to peace.
A new constitution was 'promulgated' restoring constitutional monarchy.
Prior to the operation, the government 'promulgated' a special ordinance to speed up legal proceedings.
Civil society, human rights, civil liberty organisations, minority groups and opposition parties were not consulted before 'promulgation' of the ordinance.
Prior to the 'promulgation' of the regulations, some derivatives traders did not even fully understand how the products they sold actually worked.
Election officials are now 'promulgating' administrative rules and procedures for Election Day and post-Election Day certification.
Whether or not you believe that public institutions should withdraw facilities from organisations, merely because they are 'promulgators' of racism, the following three points are clear.
Unfortunately, notwithstanding the formal 'promulgation' of the secular order, some people continue to look upon the Indian state as a Hindu state.
It is readily apparent from the materials considered thus far that the Community has power to advance policy through the 'promulgation' of regulations, directives, and decisions.
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