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he was charged with distributing enemy propaganda
information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.
a committee of cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church responsible for foreign missions, founded in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV.
translation of 'propaganda'
Kingston residents are intelligent enough to recognise crude political 'propaganda' when they see it.
he was charged with distributing enemy 'propaganda'
It makes me so mad that we often get 'propaganda' and not news from the television and daily papers.
He is not misled by the xenophobic 'propaganda' and can judge it on the merit of its source.
The Prague story has now been publicly exposed as a fraudulent piece of war 'propaganda' .
The miners were no angels but the media was blatantly and cynically used as a 'propaganda' machine for the government.
Removal of context is one of most persistent 'propaganda' tactics around.
He then went on to use this view as 'propaganda' to control people and make them feel what he was doing was right.
The role of the government 'propaganda' camps known as public schools cannot be discounted in all this.
You have to be a lot better at 'propaganda' if you want to make people listen to your views.
The most popular arena for spreading false 'propaganda' is the Internet.
Despite an almost complete lack of alternative sources of information, we did not believe the official 'propaganda' .
They were intended to conduct psychological warfare and distribute anticommunist 'propaganda' .
Newspaper proprietors accepted the new controls on the altar of total war and co-operated in disseminating government 'propaganda' .
They set up strike committees, produced 'propaganda' and even put on shows and political theatre.
One of the first aims of 'propaganda' is to dehumanize the enemy in the public mind.
It is time our student funded newspaper practised true journalism and not 'propaganda' .
The third method is to set up a system of accountability for 'propaganda' work.
the party's leaders believed that a long period of education and 'propaganda' would be necessary
This stands, as we shall see, in a long tradition of 'propaganda' by deed.
The media and the government started a fierce 'propaganda' campaign to change this opinion.
This 'propaganda' was drilled into American soldiers for more than a year before the war.
Perhaps only a long period of education or 'propaganda' could remove our abhorrence.
The internet became a powerful tool in countering the official 'propaganda' .
the party's leaders believed that a long period of education and 'propaganda' would be necessary
Of course, an evil regime will attempt to use our views for its 'propaganda' .
he was charged with distributing enemy 'propaganda'
The Cold War may be over, but the intelligence-gathering and 'propaganda' machines grind on.
America's wartime radio 'propaganda' emphasised an increasingly corporate vision of America's future.
One part of what we have to do is contest reformism's ideas and practices, in direct argument and 'propaganda' .
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