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try propagating your own houseplants from cuttings
breed specimens of (a plant, animal, etc.) by natural processes from the parent stock.
the French propagated the idea that the English were violent and gluttonous drunkards
spread and promote (an idea, theory, etc.) widely.
translation of 'propagate'
रूचार करना
वंश बढ़ाना,
We need to know how they nucleate and how they 'propagate' .
These were monitoring variables like humidity and temperature, information that is invaluable to the horticulturalists attempting to 'propagate' the trees.
He points out that multiple prion-based heritable states can 'propagate' independently within one cell.
They reduce wildfire damage, help fire-dependent species 'propagate' , and remove competing species like red maple.
Some do not 'propagate' freely nor continue with a satisfactory show of flower.
Likewise, detached roots of untransformed M. sativa (Aragón) plants were able to 'propagate' in vitro.
One of the easiest ways to 'propagate' shrubs is by layering - bending down a branch so it roots directly in the soil.
It is only when mysteriously united to a body that spirit is brought into relationship with place or extension, and under such a condition alone, and only through such a medium, can it 'propagate' motion.
Topics covered include the structure and mechanics of plants, how they adapt to the seasons, what roots do and how plants 'propagate' and support themselves.
A new technique allows researchers to culture colonies of mouse brain stem cells that can either 'propagate' without differentiating or become normal brain cells at the flip of a genetic switch.
a hydraulic fracture is generally expected to 'propagate' in a vertical plane
These plants 'propagate' quite easily from root cuttings taken in spring.
He is strongly against such power when used thoughtlessly to 'propagate' traditional ideas, which can be harmful.
These factors allow the organism to 'propagate' and acclimate to the host's internal environment.
You can 'propagate' by division, from proliferations or pips, or from seed.
Trees can 'propagate' sexually or vegetatively.
Turning from the very small to the very large, mathematics has also proved useful in understanding how particular tree species 'propagate' across a geographic region.
The Internet is a great way to raise money, and you can 'propagate' a message on the Internet, but you can't sell a candidate on the Internet because politics is still intensely personal.
The bill did not 'propagate' a radical new idea, he said, but one that had existed in various forms for more than a century.
Because molds and fungi 'propagate' by means of airborne spores, they can cause respiratory problems.
Let's 'propagate' the idea that citizenship is a responsibility rather than a right.
Conventional art history narratives tend to 'propagate' the idea that important art happens elsewhere, either outside Canada or in limited regions within the country.
As with black Sampson coneflower, propagation by root division is rarely successful, so 'propagate' this species by seed after moist stratification.
You can 'propagate' evergreen shrubs by ground-layering.
Many textbooks continue to 'propagate' the myth that symptoms can accurately identify peptic ulcer disease.
I dislike theories that 'propagate' the idea of one pole vs. another and indeed the idea that we, as a race, have somewhere to go.
This is the best material I've seen, so why not let us in the blogosphere 'propagate' it?
If an animal is to grow to maturity and 'propagate' , it must be able to take in nourishment and to navigate its way through the world.
The result is that sharp signals cannot be 'propagated' .
Clearly the method will not work if the stand of plants is clonally 'propagated' because the equations will not solve.
Patriotism does not propagate hate, says Dia Mirza
Adnan Sami: I'm not on social media to propagate any political ideologies
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