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फैलता है
try propagating your own houseplants from cuttings
breed specimens of (a plant, animal, etc.) by natural processes from the parent stock.
the French propagated the idea that the English were violent and gluttonous drunkards
spread and promote (an idea, theory, etc.) widely.
translation of 'propagates'
वंश बढ़ाना,
Personally, I have no interest in any academic school that 'propagates' the idea that gender is a social construct.
Rather than buying more plants, Eva Smith of Oklahoma 'propagates' her own by layering.
It has a 4-day life cycle and 'propagates' as self-fertilizing hermaphrodites or by outcrossing after the spontaneous generation of males.
Trees can 'propagate' sexually or vegetatively.
Besides, why may not motion have been 'propagated' by impulse through all eternity, and the same stock of it, or nearly the same, be still upheld in the universe?
A new technique allows researchers to culture colonies of mouse brain stem cells that can either 'propagate' without differentiating or become normal brain cells at the flip of a genetic switch.
It is only when mysteriously united to a body that spirit is brought into relationship with place or extension, and under such a condition alone, and only through such a medium, can it 'propagate' motion.
The pro-project group 'propagated' the idea that the mining of bauxite was the only means for the area to cross the boundaries of backwardness.
Conventional art history narratives tend to 'propagate' the idea that important art happens elsewhere, either outside Canada or in limited regions within the country.
As much as possible, mutants were vegetatively 'propagated' to prevent loss of each genotype.
Species are 'propagated' by seed collected fresh and sown immediately in trays placed in a cold frame.
The Republicans have successfully 'propagated' the idea that his (admittedly unstable) temperament is the issue.
These plants 'propagate' quite easily from root cuttings taken in spring.
You can 'propagate' by division, from proliferations or pips, or from seed.
Cultivars must be vegetatively 'propagated' using plant tissue culture and this is a time-consuming and costly process requiring large tracts of experimental fields.
We live in a time when the opposite is being 'propagated' by media and consumerist culture.
I am an educator; I like to think that my ideas are 'propagated' through education, but I don't want to force my work on people.
Likewise, detached roots of untransformed M. sativa (Aragón) plants were able to 'propagate' in vitro.
Thirty-two cuttings per clone were 'propagated' and the stock plants were discarded.
By the simple expedient of asking a public official about a rumor and recording the fact that he didn't comment, the AP and countless newspapers have 'propagated' the report.
If an animal is to grow to maturity and 'propagate' , it must be able to take in nourishment and to navigate its way through the world.
Yeast and bacterial strains were 'propagated' using standard methods.
They reduce wildfire damage, help fire-dependent species 'propagate' , and remove competing species like red maple.
You can 'propagate' evergreen shrubs by ground-layering.
The Internet is a great way to raise money, and you can 'propagate' a message on the Internet, but you can't sell a candidate on the Internet because politics is still intensely personal.
This is the best material I've seen, so why not let us in the blogosphere 'propagate' it?
We need to know how they nucleate and how they 'propagate' .
Some do not 'propagate' freely nor continue with a satisfactory show of flower.
Locally, in earlier years, he was probably regarded as an eccentric as he 'propagated' ideas which even the average Yorkshire brain had difficulty in assimilating.
Let's 'propagate' the idea that citizenship is a responsibility rather than a right.
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